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The 10 Best Steam Shower Generator in 2023 [Reviewed, Tested]

best steam shower generator

Best Steam Shower Generator

Looking for the best steam shower generator might be challenging, especially for the first time. Don’t worry! I will help you overcome it easily right below!

Using a steam shower generator is an efficient way to create a relaxing, spa-like environment in your home. Steam generators are often used for therapeutic purposes, but they also serve as great ways to save money on heating bills and stay healthy during the winter months. 

Many different types of steam shower generators are available today; some use electricity while others use natural gas or propane. The type you choose should depend on your personal preference and how much work you want to maintain. However, regardless of which one suits your needs best, all will provide plenty of mental and physical health benefits! 

Ready to learn more about the best steam shower generator? Keep reading below!

Top Rated Steam Shower Generator Compared

Benefit of the Best Steam Shower Generator

There are a lot of advantages to owning the best shower generator kit as below:

  • Reduce your blood pressure when you sit in a steam room; Aldosterone will be released. 
  • Make people relaxed and the perfect mood
  • Support for decongestion. So if you have a sinus infection, the generator will make you breathe better. 
  • Make your skin much better as heat opens the pores and cleans the dít. 
  • It will be a great supporter for you when you recover from a workout 
  • Having Join mobility 
  • Increasing the metabolism
  • Improve the immune system properly. 
  • Improve the circulation to extremities. Hence, your heart will pump your blood effectively.

The Best Steam Shower Generator Reviews in 2022

Top 1: EliteSteam 7.5 kW Steam Shower Generator

As one of the best steam shower generators on the list, Elitesteam 7.5 kW steam generator provides everything you need to create your own showering experience. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel, high-quality head, and cable set up for maximum comfort while saving water or money on monthly utility bills!

This generator has an on/off button and temperature control. It’s easy to use, with three finishes available: polished chrome, brushed nickel, or the more modern-looking finish of polished nickel, which looks great in any home!

The steam generator is rugged and reliable. The tank is made of stainless steel, which will resist corrosion; it also runs on 240v electricity for a longer lifespan than other models that use 110V power sources (which can cause shorter lifespans).

Like all the items included in our pack. This one’s easy to install, making your new luxurious shower just as convenient under stairs or inside closets!

Finally, this generator is proudly made in the USA and comes with a one-year warranty for all components and ten years of limited parts. So you can be confident knowing that you will have your beloved generator for many more seasons to come!


  • It can fit all types of spaces
  • Very easy to install and maintain 
  • Made of the high-quality components 
  • Excellent steam controls
  • It is smart with the multiple functions 


  • Its price is relatively high 

Top 2: EliteSteam 10KW Luxury Home Steam Shower System

Looking for a luxurious and reliable steam shower experience? Look no further than the EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower Generator. 

With its sturdy stainless steel tank construction and quality components, this generator will provide you with high-quality steam bathing for years to come. Plus, it’s simple to purchase and install. I include everything you need in our convenient bundles so you can get started right away!

The EliteSteam 10 KiloWatt Generator is perfect for people who want a luxurious steam shower experience in the comfort of their own home. This best steam shower generator is designed to be tight and compact to fit into almost any space, even under counters or in nearby closets.

 It also comes with a best-in-class warranty, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy your steam shower worry-free for years to come. Plus, it’s assembled in the USA by Steamist so that you can trust its quality and durability.


  • It runs quietly and wonderfully 
  • Compact size steamers with excellent quality 
  • Heat up quickly less than 5 minutes
  • It is simple to install and maintain 
  • The price is affordable 


  • Consume more electricity

Top 3: Steam Planet Superior 6KW Steam Shower Kit

Steam Planet’s Superior Steam Generator Deluxe is the perfect choice for a complete steam shower kit. This ETL-certified generator has been producing high-quality steam showers for over 15 years and comes with an upgraded keypad controller, a single aromatherapy steam head, temperature probe, and communications.

Introducing the Superior Steam Shower Generator- perfect for building your steam room! This robust and reliable generator is 19 1/2 “L x 6 1/2 “W x 14 1/2 “H and comes with a single 3/4” outlet. The cubic footage steam room is 140-320 ft3, and the generator also includes 20 feet of connecting wire for the control panel. 

It’s 12 V light output wire ensures a relaxing bathing experience, while the 220-volt/10-2 wire-30amp GFCI breaker (2 hotlines and one ground line) guarantees safety and easy installation. The water inlet and drain valves require 1/2 in.

This best steam bath generator is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while taking a steam shower. This generator includes an aromatherapy delivery system, which warms your essential oils and then infuses them into your steam shower. It also features a self-drainage system, which automatically flushes the interior of the generator after each use.


  • Easy to maintain with the self-draining valves 
  • Nice temperature sensors 
  • Made of durable materials 
  • It can prevent the over steaming well 
  • Moderates the temperature of steam perfectly 


  • The drip pan works not very well 

Top 4: SteamSpa Executive 9KW Acu Steam Bath Generator

Relaxation is key to a healthy and happy life, but it’s not always easy. Luckily there are products like this one that can help you relax in seconds! With its 9KW quick start steam system and relaxing aromatherapy oils, you’ll be able to burn calories while feeling rejuvenated.

The thing we loved most about this item was the feature-rich design. For example, the QuickStart and brilliant Continuous Steam function generate a steady stream of steam within 2 minutes of switching on your power button!

Furthermore, the Steamspa Executive generator is straightforward to clean up after your steam shower session. The built-in auto drain valve prevents any water from accumulating in the unit, and all of its parts are dishwasher safe! 

In addition, with everything you need for installation included. There are instructions manuals as well as tools & supplies necessary. You won’t have much trouble getting this item set up or taking it down again if needed.


  • It can start quickly 
  • Offer the clean and healthy steam 
  • It does not produce any noise 
  • Very simple for installing to save time
  • All the materials for installation included
  • This is best steam bath generator


  • You can not stop the light 

Top 5: KOHLER K-5531-NA Invigoration Series Steam Generator 

The Kohler K-5531-NA Invigoration Series Steam Generator is perfect for revitalizing your body and mind. This top-of-the-line steam generator comes in sleek aluminum color and has a voltage of 1 volt. At just 28 pounds, it’s easy to transport and set up wherever you need it. Plus, the 12.5-inch height makes it a perfect fit for smaller spaces.

This top-of-the-line generator features fast response technology that produces a luxurious steam shower in a minute and powerful clean tech offering one-touch auto cleaning and safe maintenance. With its durable stainless steel casing, this generator is built to last and create a relaxing steam shower easy and hassle-free.

This best steam shower generator has a volume rating of 317 cubic feet, making it compatible with the KOHLER dtv+ showering system. However, it requires the k-5557 invigoration steam generator control kit or the k-5548-k1 dtv+ steam adapter kit (sold separately) to function correctly.


  • It is easy to clean and save water 
  • This machine releases the steam consistently and fast
  • Well made and worked nicely 
  • Heat the room very quickly


  • The instruction might not be very clear

Top 6: CGOLDENWALL 9KW Luxury Self-draining Steam Generator 

This 9kW steam generator is the perfect choice for your home. It can produce enough water vapor to fill spaces up to 300 cubic feet in size, meaning you no longer have an issue with moisture- or mold-related problems! 

This compact device measures 24 ½” x 18″ x9″, and installation will be easy because of its small size; find a convenient place where this mini powerhouse fits nicely without taking up too much valuable living space like other bulky equipment might do.

The innovative design of this best steam room generator is perfect for everyday use. It’s easy to operate and comes with an uncluttered control panel, allowing you to turn it on or off and adjust temperature and timer settings. 

There are also transparent displays showing the current time remaining in the countdown clock and the desired output/function (95-131°F). In addition, the dual heating tanks provide consistent steam at low noise levels because they run so efficiently!

The heating elements can begin producing steam within around three to five minutes when you turn it on. It includes high-quality stainless steel and a safety mechanism for preventing overheating if there’s not enough water or too much pressure is applied.


  • It is simple to control and installs 
  • Comes with inbuilt safety features 
  • It is a very versatile generator 
  • Consumes small power 
  • Having the automatic shutdown function 


  • No self-draining system 

Top 7: YJINGRUI 3KW 110V Steam Generator 

After a long day, relax and enjoy a hot steamy shower with the YJINGRUI 3KW 110V Steam Generator. With fast heat-up time, this generator is perfect for any bathroom. In addition, the self-cleaning system ensures that your generator stays clean and operational all year long.

Looking to unwind after a long day? This 3KW steam generator is perfect for quickly and easily relaxing in your own home. The temperature setting can be adjusted between 20-60 degrees, making it perfect for any time of year. Plus, the built-in safety features ensure that you’ll always feel comfortable and safe.

This best steam bath generator offers features like time setting and multifunctionality, making it perfect for anyone looking for a little bit of extra pampering. Plus, its application range makes it perfect for use in both wooden and tiled rooms!


  • It is the very convenient generator 
  • Heat up nicely and quickly for a small room
  • You can listen to music when taking a shower
  • Steam time and temp are adjustable. 


  • The control panel is relatively short 

Top 8: Steamist Premium 10KW Home Steam Generator 

The Steamist Premium 10KW Home Steam Generator is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of steam in the comfort of their own home. The powerful yet quiet motor produces 10.00 watts of steaming power, making it perfect for smaller spaces. It’s also equipped with a 240-volt plug for international use.

Made with a stainless steel tank and quality components, this best steam shower generator is built to last. It also includes Instamist for faster heat up and Steady Steam for a more continuous steam flow. Plus, it has variable steam output, so you can get the best performance possible.

Our generators are tight and compact and easily fit under counters or nearby closets. Plus, we warranty our generators for two years against defects in materials and quality. So you can be sure you’re getting a quality product.


  • Durable stainless steel construction 
  • Work effectively and make you relax 
  • Compact size and simple to mask 
  • Comes with a two-year warranty and a lifetime for parts 


  • You should buy some extra parts 

Top 9: TURKU TK60 Full Set 6KW 240V Steam Generator 

The TURKU TK60 Full Set 6KW 240V Steam Generator is a professional-grade product perfect for residential settings. The included digital controller ensures accurate, consistent heating, while the external steam head provides plenty of steam even at high volumes. 

In addition, the safety pressure relief valve protects against accidental overpressure, and the manual drain valve allows you to release excess water after use quickly.

The TURKU TK60 Full Set 6KW 240V Steam Generator is perfect for anyone looking for a professional-grade steam generator. It features AUTO FILLING and AUTO WATER SUPPLEMENTING, so you don’t have to worry about refilling or adding more water during your treatment. 

The temperature range of 95-131F and time range of 01-60 minutes provide plenty of flexibility, while the powerful 6KW/240V voltage ensures that you’ll get the most out of your treatments.


  • Made of durable materials 
  • having the automatic water supplementing function 
  • Easy to set up and operate with proper guide 
  • Comes with the safety pressure valve 
  • Simple controls with panel display 


  • The brand is quite new 

Top 10: Steamplanet Superior 9KW Self-Draining Steam Generator 

The Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator is perfect for luxury home steam baths. This generator creates the perfect steamy environment for relaxation and rejuvenation with a sleek, modern design and powerful 9 kW capacity. What’s more, its self-draining feature ensures worry-free maintenance – just pop in a new cartridge, and you’re ready to go!

This best steam shower generator requires just 220 volts to get up and running and comes with a host of features to make your steam bath even more luxurious. The included control panel can be mounted inside or outside the shower room and gives you complete control over the bathing experience.

With 16 ft of connecting wire, you’ll have plenty of flexibility when it comes to the place for the control panel. And for added convenience, we’ve also included a shower wand with on/off controls. So why wait? Get yourself our Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam.


  • Provide the larger shower area
  • Comes with lightweight construction 
  • Having the aromatherapy outlet 
  • Heavy and powerful generator 
  • High-quality components included 


  • Consume a lot of power 

What to Consider Before Buying Steam Shower Generator Kit for 2022

best steam shower generator

There are many factors to consider when buying the best steam shower generator:

#1. Shower room volume

One of the most important factors when deciding on which steam shower generator to buy is the volume of the shower room where you plan on installing it. Some models have a lower volume than others, so ensure to choose one that is suitable for the intended space.

#2. Power consumption

Another essential factor to consider is the power consumption of the generator. Some generators use more power than others, so make sure to find one that will work well with your home’s electrical system.

#3. Dimensions

The dimensions of the generator are also essential to take into account, as well as how much space you have in your shower room to install it. Some generators are taller or more comprehensive than others, so measure the dimensions of the space where you plan on installing it before making a purchase.

#4. Weight

The generator’s weight is another thing to consider before buying. Some generators weigh more than others, making it essential to make sure that the generator fits in the space where you plan to install it.

#5. Starting time

Before buying the best steam shower generator, check how long it takes for the unit to start up and get hot enough to create steam. In some cases, this can take around ten minutes, while it doesn’t take nearly as long in others. This factor might be essential based on how often you want or need to use your generator.

#6. Automatic drainage

Another helpful feature when buying a steam shower generator is automatic drainage of the water tank after each session, so there is no worry about emptying the water tank before your next session.

#7. Control panel

The control panel of the steam shower generator is also essential to consider before deciding on which unit to buy. Make sure that it is easy to use and understand, so you don’t have to constantly refer back to the instruction manual for guidance each time you want to turn it on or off, etc.

#8. Noise level

Another factor that might be essential based on personal preference is how much noise the steam shower generator makes while it operates. In some cases, this can be as loud as a hairdryer, which might not make sense in a bathroom if other people are sleeping nearby.

#9. Cable length

The cable length of the unit should also be considered, as it might be essential to have a longer cable if the generator is far away from the shower. Make sure to check the unit’s specifications before purchasing to ensure that you’re getting what you need.

#10. Warranty 

Finally, it is essential to check the warranty information for any steam shower generator you consider buying. In some cases, the best steam shower generator comes with a one-year or two-year warranty, while others might not have any warranty at all. It is essential to know what you’re getting into before making a purchase.

What Is A Steam Shower Generator?

A steam shower generator is a machine that produces hot, vapor-filled showers. It takes all the work out of producing your own spa experience at home by bringing moisture and humidity into one room for you to enjoy with just water heating up in an electric kettle or pot!

best steam shower generator

The most popular type is around 7 – 10 kW. The big capacity might add up to electricity bills. However, it means more than enough power through the evaporation process when combined with high-pressure jets that release millions of gallons every minute from its devices without fail. As such, these can provide soothing reliefs even if there was no prior illness present within our bodies before use.

How Does a Steam Shower Work?

A steam shower works by heating water to create steam. The steam is then circulated through the shower space, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Read more

What are Best Steam Shower Generator Brands?

The best way to know if a steam shower generator is good quality or not, is to just research on customer’s reviews and look for information about its brand.

If there are many models available in stores then finding which ones offer what features can be difficult but most brands have some sort of reputation themselves with reliability so just by looking at reviews online will give an idea about how reliable each brand actually proved themselves to be!

There are many different brands of steam shower generators, but some of the more popular ones include Mr. Steam, Thermasol, and Aquapeutics. Each brand has its own advantages and features, so it is important to do your research before choosing one.

Where To Buy A Steam Shower Generator?

You can purchase a steam shower generator from many different retailers, both online and in-store. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s usually carry a wide variety of steam shower generators. You can also find them at specialty bathroom stores. Online retailers such as Amazon.com or Wayfair.com also have a wide selection of steam shower generators.

How To Install a Steam Shower Generator?

  • Installing a steam shower generator is not as difficult with the right tools.
  • After choosing a generator, it’s time to find the perfect location for installation. The ideal spot needs access to both water supply and electrical outlets so that your home can be powered up during emergencies without interruption from power outages or blackouts!
  • After finding the perfect spot for your steam generator, connect it to a cold water source to start collecting vapor.
  • A high-quality shower head that provides enough pressure and temperature will help you experience luxurious showers with no need for costly bottled waters or various other amenities often found at most spas!
  • Finally, you will need to make sure that your shower area is enclosed so the steam can remain in there.

FAQs on Best Steam Shower Generator

Q1: How long do steam shower Generators last?


You may ask, “How long will a generator last?” Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say because there are so many factors that affect the life span of these appliances. However, if you take good care and have quality water, then an Amerec might provide reliable service for 10+ years or more!

Q2: Where to hide the steam shower generator?


The best place to hide a steam shower generator is in your closet, attic, or under bench seating. If you don’t have any of these places available, then try looking for spots that are close enough so as not to disturb anyone else who might live there too!

Q3: How much does it cost to install a steam generator?


A steam generator costs about $2,500 to $4,000. A custom enclosure is an additional expense–usually around 1K-3k more expensive than the shower itself!

Q4: Can a steam generator be too big?


The size of your generator is important because it needs to fit in the space you want. If it’s too big or small, then there can be problems with how immersive a steam experience feels when using this device.


I have done our research on the Best Steam Shower Generator . Many great products are available, but only a few stand out as being genuinely worth your time and money. This list includes some of the top-rated generators on various online retail sites like Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, etc., so you know they’re not just paying for ads to get their product in front of your eyes. 

EliteSteam 7.5 kW Shower Generator is one of the best home steam shower generators that I highly recommend for perfect size and capacity. Besides, the model from Kohler is also a nice choice if you want a premium quality generator. 

I have also researched the warranty information from each company; I’ve compiled this into an easy-to-read chart at the end of our article if you want to check it out before making a purchase decision. Hopefully, this helps make things easier!

Good luck with finding what works perfectly for your needs.

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