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Sauna Whisks: All You Need To Know about It

A sauna whisk is a must-have tool when it comes to maintaining your sauna. It’s similar to a broom in that it sweeps away the dirt and debris from the floor, but with one significant difference: this tool does not have any bristles or hair on its head. They are typically made of natural branches for a nice scent and are friendly to users. 

Sauna Whisks
Sauna Whisks

For more information about what type of sauna whisk you should be using, please read our blog post below! 

What is a sauna whisk?

A sauna whisk is an essential tool for the Finnish lifestyle. It’s not just used in their homes but also at work and during social gatherings. The ViHta or Vasta type of these whisks are typically made out of birch twigs, while other types can come from different trees like oak or even willow branches which give them added benefits depending on your needs!

The Vihta or vasta is used in the hot sauna, and it’s an integral part of Finnish culture. You whip your body with this whisk to relax muscles after a long day at work- where you’ll find out just how much vihta can take off some steam! It’s often seen as one way that midsummer traditions involve themselves. 

Many people ensure they have access to their private areas for leisure time activities like sweating away toxins (although some Public Saunas do not allow whisks).

Health Benefits 

You might not think of it, but the sauna is a great place to get clean. That’s because most — if not all — of their benefits come from what we put in there: soap made from birch leaves and saponin extractors found on Birch trees! And when you’re done sweating out your problems? Wash off with soap that has cleaning features, thanks to its plant origins.

  • Whipping with the whisk is an excellent way to get rid of dead skin cells, stimulate superficial blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Talking of saunas, who doesn’t love them? If you’re looking for a good cure against mosquito bites, then I guess it’s no surprise that birch whisks are your best friend. Whisking and singing in the hot steamy environment help with treating these pesky insects!

Reviews of The Best Sauna Whisks on Amazon

 #1. Oak with Eucalyptus bath broom Venik Broom

Oak with Eucalyptus bath broom Venik Broom for Russian Sauna Banya Bath House Natural Wood Oak Eucalyptus bath besom

as of December 9, 2021 7:54 am


  • Broom for Russian bath and sauna
  • Broom for your health
  • Broom bath for rejuvenation
  • Broom bath for longevity

The combination of Oak branches and eucalyptus in the bath broom allows you to maximize your health potential. A Russian-style sauna or hot soaked towel with this product will heal even severe colds due to its ability to pull along all toxins that are situated within our bodies when heated by steamy water!

A brush made from oak wood bristles provides excellent exfoliation for smoother skin cells while infusing essential oils like peppermint extract, which helps combat acne worries ( Use only during high temperature), helping it become more elastic. Thus, softening away wrinkles caused by tension on muscles proximity around the eye area.

  #2. Traditional Russian Herbal Cocktail Venik Bath Broom

Traditional Russian Herbal Cocktail Venik Bath Broom for Sauna Banya

as of December 9, 2021 7:54 am


  • RUSSIAN VENIK - a bunch of tied up branches of special plant varieties used in wellness procedures with using steam in sauna. It's used for bath massage, aromatization of air, water spraying on a stove, steam injection and other bath procedures
  • HERBAL COCKTAIL - a bunch of branches of different trees, shrubs, herbs, such as sweet clover, mint, duschka, wormwood and tansy. They are made to combine various qualities or to give new - aromatic compositions and medicinal properties
  • RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE. Dry venik should first be lowered for 10-20 minutes in cold, and then for 1-3 minutes in hot water. The optimal position in the steam room is lying. The broom should be wet. It must be periodically moistened in warm water. The movements of the attendant should be soft, the venik should touch the body, exerting a massaging effect
  • HEALING PROPERTIES. Massage with a bath brooms improves blood circulation. Many bath brooms emit biologically active substances, they are so good for the prevention of colds and pulmonary diseases. Essential oils contained in leaves and branches, getting on the skin, improve metabolism, prevent premature skin aging
  • MADE IN RUSSIA. Handmade. Fresh harvest

Russian Venik is a bunch of tied-up branches of select plant varieties used in wellness procedures with steam. It’s used for bath massage, aromatization of the air and water spraying on stovetops, and injection into another container such as a sauna or hot tub channels. That would cause them to emit different scents, which usually last longer than those freshly prepared due to there being less aromatic compounds broken down over time, causing it to be stronger smelling.

The herbal cocktail consists out many types of botanical items, including those plants commonly associated with cleansing(such)as sweet clover/stinging nettle), mint. A bathroom cleaner is a must for any self-respecting person. However, it can be challenging to determine which product would work best. 

You should make sure: the longer you spend in there after cleaning your body with dry venik (which should first be lowered 10-20 minutes), and then 1-3 minutes hot water. After that, the optimal position becomes lying down while also being broomed softly by an attendant who includes various touches along its surface, like massaging effects that enhance blood circulation. 

#3. Eucalyptus Bath Besom Venik Broom

Eucalyptus Bath besom Venik Broom for Russian Sauna Banya Bath House Natural Wood

as of December 9, 2021 7:54 am


  • Broom for Russian Sauna
  • Broom bath for health
  • Broom bath for rejuvenation
  • Broom bath for longevity

A besom made of eucalyptus is a true find for those who genuinely appreciate the Russian bath, sauna, and healthy lifestyle. It’s also an excellent tool to have in your arsenal when it comes time for restoring or filling vital energy and relieving pain from mental stimulation, memory improvement, keeping up spirits after hard work has been done, etc. 

To keep eucalyptus besom in its best condition, you should follow these steps: firstly boil it for 10-15 minutes, then add 5 or 7 more when using it again. The healing properties will be preserved and can last several times before replacing the leaves with fresh ones each time. 

A massage with a Eucalyptus Bespoon increases blood circulation, which starts moving around all sorts of fluids throughout your body!

#4. Oak bath broom Venik Broom

Oak bath broom Venik Broom for Russian Sauna Banya Bath House Natural Wood Oak bath besom

as of December 9, 2021 7:54 am


  • Broom for Russian bath and sauna
  • Broom for your health
  • Broom bath for rejuvenation
  • Broom bath for longevity

Give your hardwood floors the kind of care they deserve with Oak hand-held bath broom Venik Broom. This product is designed for hardwoods, not delicate carpets or wallpapers like its sandpaper counterpart, and the natural wood handle makes an excellent grip while sweeping. 

In addition, the oak handle deformed to perfectly fit in your hand, meaning it won’t get loose during use, and because the broom head isn’t made of sandy sandpaper, you don’t have to worry about fraying.

A bath brush made of oak can provide a great way to soothe the soul and recharge with vital energy. The beneficial effects are felt explicitly for those with oily skin, as it works well on them due to its tannins content which helps cleanse pores without causing irritation or dryness like other natural ingredients might do if applied by someone else.

#5. Linden Sauna Whisk Broom Venik 

Linden Sauna Whisk Broom Venik Made in Season 2020 SaunaGoods Organic Massage Banya Wenik

as of December 9, 2021 7:54 am


  • Made in Summer 2020;
  • 100% Organic and Handmade;
  • Sauna whisks are made in Latvia (EU), a country where the woodlands cover 45% of the territory;
  • Using sauna whisk during massage promotes better blood circulation, cleans the skin and enriches it with health. Whisks release pleasant aroma in the air adding a bit of aroma therapy;
  • Soak the whisk in a tub of cold water and leave it there at least 30 minutes. Afterwards soak the whisk in hot water for 5 minutes. Ready to use!

Linden Sauna Whisk is made in Latvia (EU), where the woodlands cover 45% of its territory. The use and benefits that come with these saunas for skincare will be introduced to you now! 

These whips release a pleasant aroma during your massage, which can help promote better blood circulation, cleanses it by melting away dead cells on contact while also enriching health through aromatherapy. 

To prepare for use, you just soak them well before using them since time is imperative when dealing with something this organic. Thirty minutes minimum should suffice, but make sure they get all nice and hot afterward because we know how much smoother everything feels after some steam therapy.

#6. Beleon Birch broom

BELEON Birch Broom for Bath House - Natural Dry Birch Branches Venik for Russian Banya and Steam Sauna – Made in Belarus – 100% Handmade

as of December 9, 2021 7:54 am


  • A broom is the most important attribute of Russian bath or sauna (steam room). It is used for blowing steam to the body, chafing and whipping. The broom is the most important sauna accessory. 100% Hand Made and Natural.
  • Linden branches are limp and tender with relaxing and soothing effect. A linden is high in vitamin C, which boosts immune system and fights colds. A linden calms the nervous system, relieves fatigue and irritation, shakes of insomnia.
  • The leaves of a birch broom are small and rough, that is ideal for rubbing. They contain essential oils, tannins and provitamin A. The leaves have antiseptic properties, clean the skin well and heal wounds, abscesses, and rashes. Therefore, those who go to a Russian bath regularly and use a birch broom, have elastic, smooth and healthy skin.
  • Birch broom reliefs muscle and joint pain after physical activities. Recommended for the prevention and treatment of the diseases such as radiculitis or rheumatism.
  • Birch broom has a beneficial effect for the respiratory system; it is the irreplaceable for ex- smokers and people with asthma. Russian bath with a birch broom helps to breathe easier, expectorate better and expand the lungs.

Beleon birch broom makes of Linden branches which are soothing and relaxing trees. The natural wood of lindens is high in vitamin C, which boosts the immune system, fights colds as it calms the nervous system while relieving fatigue from insomnia or stress–the perfect accessory to have at home!

The leaves of a birch broom are petite and rough, perfect for rubbing. In addition, they contain essential oils that nurture the skin while it cleanses you thoroughly without scratching or diaper rash!

Birch broom is a must-have for anyone who exercises or engages in physical activities. This versatile tool can be used to relieve muscle aches after an intense workout and prevent the development of radiculitis and other diseases caused by inflammation, such as rheumatism. 

In addition, the birch’s ability to work its way into your respiratory system will have you breathing easier while expectorating better than ever before!

#7. Hand-made a set of 5pc sauna birch whisk. 

Hand Made Set of 5pc Sauna Birch Whisk Broom Russian banya bathhouse venik веник

as of December 9, 2021 7:54 am


  • birch sauna whisk, shttps://catalog.amazon.com/abis/product/DisplayEditProduct?sku=U5-S1X4-52HK&asin=B07NS9KW8P&productType=OUTDOOR_LIVING&marketplaceId=ATVPDKIKX0DER&ref=myi_image_1x1#auna broom, sauna oak besom, venik, finnish vihta, Russian banya venik

This set of sauna whisk is an accessory that many people worldwide use to give their skin a special massage. The twigs are made from young trees, and each one has different properties depending on what kind of tree it came from- this allows for aromatherapy during massages! 

Saunas also release good smells when users lash out with these whips after dipping them in water prior.

It’s time to get your favorite Sauna Whisky ready! You can use a variety of whisks for different tasks, but these are some famous examples. A sauna whisk is explicitly designed with the needs in mind. 

They’re made from natural materials like birch wood or bamboo shoots which make them super durable while also being gentle on the skin when used on dry heat surfaces such as inside an aromatic Finnish cabin style room at home during winter months.

Type of Sauna Whisks

Birch whisks

The birch sauna whisk helps relieve pain in muscles and joints after physical exercises, cleans the skin prone to rash, and promotes the healing of wounds. In addition, when used as an inhalation device for people with asthma, it widens your bronchi flowing more oxygen into your bloodstream, which can finally be released from a constricted or blocked passageway down deep inside us! 

The main benefit is that this infusion has soothing effects on both mind-body connections (which improves mood) AND healthy respiratory function, such as removing excess fluids from lungs through coughs/sputum production during the breathing process.

Oak whisks

The oak sauna whisk is a natural, healthy treatment for those with oily skin. The leaves of the tree reduce inflammation and help calm your nerves after an intense workout or long day at work… making it perfect to use before bedtime as well!

Linden whisks

It’s a time-honored tradition to burn lime in the form of wood chips for its healing properties. The linden sauna whisk helps relieve headaches and has mild diuretic effects while also soothing your muscles with each breath; it can even help with skin conditions due to all these benefits!

Eucalyptus whisk

Eucalyptus saunas are full of powerful healing particles. The leaves contain up to 3% essential oils, making them efficient for treating rhinitis and sore throats, but only if you use a gentle hand with these whisks! 

We recommend using mixed birch or eucalyptus whips to not harshly damage delicate skin while still obtaining all the benefits this type of wood offers.

Juniper whisks

Juniper vihtas are a better alternative to birch whisks, and they can be used for any blood circulation.

Herbs whisks

A sauna whisk is a natural tool that can be used in the bath. There are many different herbs, all with their health benefits!

How to Prepare a Sauna Whisk for Using It 

Dried sauna whisks have to be prepared for use in the hot box. It’s easy, though! Then, of course! You’ll need some water and time – but that’s about all there is to it when you get down into how these things work best. There are two methods to prepare the sauna whisks for suing in below:

  • Classical method

Do you have less than 20 minutes before taking a sauna? If so, follow these steps:

  • Incorporate 10+10 minutes of steaming with boiling water. 
  • The next step is soaking and standing in the superheated room for an additional ten or more minutes while connected at neck height via an adjustable standpipe system (high enough so that they don’t bend over).
  • Long method

Prepare a tank of cold water big enough to accommodate your sauna whisk. Put the whisk in for 30 minutes, then check that all leaves are underwater before turning off and removing from bathtub faucet stemware!

  • Place the whisk out and put it back so that handle is in water, but the leafy part up. 
  • Let stand for another 30 minutes before removing from the vase.

You will need a bucket or pail of warm water to get started. Fill it with your whisk, and you are ready for the sauna!

FAQs about Sauna Whisks

Q1: How to dry sauna whisk?

It should be dried upside down and MUst be in the airy and dry, shady area, and it might be frozen fresh wrapped in the plastic. There are three ways to dry it:

  • You can soak it in hot water for 10 minutes before using it, place it on the hot sauna stone for a better smell of birch. 
  • Keep the whisks defrost at room temp before using.
  • Please put them in a cardboard box and put the coarse salt in the branches.

Q2: How to make a birch whisk DIY?

  • Cutting 35-40 branches with a knife, do not tear or fold
  • Tear off all leaves so the last 10-15cm of branches having no leaves; the branches must be bundled 
  • Put some twigs of blackcurrant for a more potent scent. 

Q3: What is a good sauna whisk like?

The best sauna whisks are made of fresh and healthy branches, and it is stacked together nicely. Besides, it has to be well and tightly tied. It would help if you felt comfortable and excited to use it. 


From the reviews, we’ve read and our personal experience, one of these best sauna whisks should be your final choice. We hope you found this article informative and that it helped you understand how to make a decision on which whisk is right for you. If there are any questions about other products or help in other ways, please reach out! Downtown Banya

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