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[Top 7] The Best Barrel Saunas Kit in 2023 – Tips and Buying Guide

A best barrel sauna is a perfect addition to your home, garden. They are easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere in your space. In addition, the heat from a barrel sauna penetrates deeply into the body, making it an ideal option for those looking to detoxify or get rid of toxins that have been building up in their system. 

Best Barrel Sauna
Outdoor Barrel Saunas

Keep reading below to see what are the best barrel saunas on the market!


List of  Top Barrel Saunas Kit Comparison Table

What is a barrel sauna?

A barrel sauna is a unique and fun way to experience the outdoors. It’s like an outdoor cylinder with long staves that fit together around its curved front and back walls, creating an inviting space for relaxation in any weather!

Then, straps wrapped tightly around the circumference keep these staves in place for a stable and tight fit. Some barrel saunas have straight sides to form a classic cylinder shape. 

In contrast, others may be cooped up or bulged outwards at the center, just like when you see wooden barrels on old ships bobbing up from sea waves with saltwater spray shining brightly off their smooth surfaces before sinking back down into salty depths once more.

You’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic sauna experience of your life with one click! A barrel sauna is easy and fun as long as you have all-inclusive DIY kits. Assembly required? No problem – we’ve got it covered from start, stove included for heat retention purposes in addition to windows/door(s). Bring a water bucket or buy ours if needed alongside accessories such as a wooden headrest & footrest plus clothing hooks, so everything matches perfectly at home too.

The 7 Best Barrel Sauna Reviews in 2022

If you are searching for the best barrel sauna, you can not miss this session, all 7 perfect sauna reviews below will support you to make your right decision:

Top 1: Canadian Dry Heater Outdoor Barrel Sauna, 4 Person

Canadian Pine Wood 6' Foot Outdoor Barrel Sauna, 4 Person, with 9KW Wet or Dry Heater and Lava Rocks

as of December 7, 2021 12:29 pm


  • Grade A Canadian Pine, 6' Foot Size, 4 + Person Capacity, 9KW Sauna Heater with Lava Rocks. Installation by a licensed contractor/electrician is required.
  • Includes: 2 Support Feet, 3 Metal Bands/Clamps, Water Bucket and Ladle, Thermometer/Hydrometer, No Porch on the front.
  • For Outdoor usage, though can be used Indoors, Overall Assembled Size: 6 Feet Long x 6 Feet Diameter (Slightly taller due to legs).
  • Power: 220v, 9,000 Watts(No Power Plug). (3 wire 220v, 40 Amps), we recommend a 50A breaker, Power cord not included. Electrical must be wired by a licensed electrician or contractor. Ships LTL Freight with curbside delivery via lift gate or dock unload.
  • Assembly Required, this will ship "Flat Packed" to reduce freight cost, Assembly instructions included, 3 Year Structural and 1 Year Electrical Warranty, parts only.

This Canadian Pine Wood 6′ Foot Outdoor Barrel Sauna – best barrel sauna, by the Smiths is your outside man’s dream! Plush, water-soaked spruce helps to generate natural heat for a hot sauna session. Comes with thermal rocks or lava stones for an additional heating effect. 4 people can fit comfortably, but up to 9 are possible. A certified contractor/electrician should install the entire apparatus.

Features include two support feet, three metal bands/clamps, thermometer/hygrometer, and it includes everything you need except wood chips or sawdust for generating steam (you’ll have to purchase these separately).

Indoor usage is not recommended due to potentially limited guest space, and assembly may be complex indoors due to the flat surface area required.

Get ready for a wood-fired touch that’ll make you sweat like it’s summer all year round. The Canadian Pine Wood 6′ Foot Outdoor Barrel Sauna is handcrafted with heat-resistant materials, safe to use in temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. A good boil comes from the inside out! 

Steady the Sauna on the ground or porch and light your barbecue grill so these can share plenty of sweet smoke, seated high enough so they don’t flare-up.


  • Made of the thick and high quality wooden 
  • Ample space for up to 4 people 
  • It can use for both indoors and outdoors
  • Beautiful and simple design 


  • You should set up and assemble yourself

Top 2: Barrel Sauna Kit W34, Outdoor Sauna

BZBCabins.com Barrel Sauna Kit W34, 6-8 Person Outdoor Sauna with Harvia M3

as of December 7, 2021 12:29 pm


  • 6-8 Person Outdoor Sauna Kit, 1-5/8” Nordic Spruce Wall Logs for Better Insulation
  • 2 Rooms: Changing Room 6'8" High x 2'9" Long; Sauna Room, 6'8' High x 6'3" Long
  • Harvia M3 Wood Burning Heater or Harvia FLB60 Heater, Stones Included
  • Assembly required: Instructions and Hardware Included, Aspen Bucket and Ladle
  • FREE Shipping, FREE Wood Door Frame Upgrade! New Model. Limited Supply

This best barrel sauna kit is made from 1 to 5/8″ Nordic Spruce material. It can accommodate six or eight people, and one session will take all your stress away by relaxing your body and muscles! 

In addition, you can place it in your backyard so that whenever the mood strikes for some relaxation time, head outside with this fabulous new addition – no need to worry about finding an open spa anywhere nearby when there’s a perfectly capable Sauna right at home.

The Barrel Sauna Kit W34 is a great place to relax and unwind after work. The 6’8″ x 2’9″ changing room gives you enough space for all your clothes while still being cozy with its size! 

Once inside the actual Sauna Room (6′ 8″ High), it opens up into two separate areas – one that measures 6×3 feet and another 4 foot by 15-inch area at each end of this more significant dimension. Perfect if someone wants more privacy on either side when opting not to use heaters during cold weather months or want some alone time.

The Harvia M3 Wood Burning Heater is the perfect solution for those who want to heat their homes during cold months. With a kit that comes with all of its hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, this heating unit will make you feel warm on even your shortest day!


  • It is designed to be well insulated
  • You can easily choose the round/ square windows
  • Come with two rooms for more spaces
  • Impressive design for both insides and outside


  • It is not easy for the first time user to read the instruction

Top 3: SymbolicSpas Outdoor Pine Barrel Wet/Dry Sauna

SymbolicSpas Outdoor 4 Person 6' Ft Canadian Pine Barrel Wet/Dry Sauna SPA Double Bench

as of December 7, 2021 12:29 pm


  • Solid Canadian Pine Wood Very Strong
  • Stainless Steel Bands
  • Water Bucket + Ladle, Thermometer / Hydrometer Included
  • Large Interior Size - No Front Porch = More Space Inside
  • Double Bench Interior Design

This SymbolicSpas Sauna is an excellent place to relax and unwind. The Canadian pine wood construction provides a robust and durable frame that can fit up to 4 people at one time! With its double bench design, you will have plenty of room for your family or friends while getting ready in the hot tub together before lounging by this cozy living quarters all day long – it’s so refreshing!

The SymbolicSpas Saunas is a spa that has been made to order. It doesn’t have an exterior porch, but the outer walls extend to its edge, offering more seating space inside with your choice of a 6KW sauna heater right off the shelf! You can heat it quickly, too; you won’t wait much longer than usual for this high-quality product at such an affordable price point – take home today only while quantities last (business days).

The kit includes a thermometer, hydrometer, and water bucket. It also comes with lava rocks for those who want their drink cold on a hot day! 

The only pieces you have to assemble yourself are this contraption’s legs which slot into place from underneath before securing via screws at either end of each joint. It is easy enough, even if it has been years since anything touched nuts and bolts (not sure why I said that, but anyway.).


  • It is ample space for accommodating four persons
  • It is made of high-quality Grade A Canadian pine
  • Come with the hardware
  • Good quality at an affordable price


  • It might be a little tight for four persons

Top 4: Allwood Barrel Sauna, #300-WHP Wood Heater

Allwood Barrel Sauna #300-WHP Wood Heater

as of December 7, 2021 12:29 pm


  • Diameter 6'8" - Sauna section length 90"
  • Frame material 1-5/8" slow grown Nordic Spruce - WE DO NOT USE PINE WHICH WILL BLEED RESIN IN HIGH TEMPERATURES
  • Will seat 6 adults
  • Includes 2 free boxes of fire starters
  • Assembly required

This Allwood #300-WHP Sauna provides 23% less heating space than a room of similar size with square walls and corners. The cylinder shape provides natural airflow because air is pushed back onto rounded surfaces, making it more comfortable for all to enjoy!

The popularity in recent years has seen many different kinds of Sauna coming on the market, including models that use oil as their source heat (oilsands), gas, or electric boilers. Some even combine both types by having an open fire ring built into them. 

Before entering your session, you can place wood logs, so they will eventually turn into smoke while releasing their essential oils through indirect combustion.

You will have a tough time finding one as big, if not bigger, than the Allwood Barrel Sauna #300 WHP Wood Heater. With room for up to 6 feet and 8 inches of total space–not including an extra bench seat inside or your private area outside on top, this Sauna provides maximum relaxation in all its glory!


  • Valuable at the excellent price
  • Being perfect size with 90″ length
  • Enough space for up to 6 people
  • Having two boxes of fire starters


  • Require partial assembly by yourself

Top 5: RDX Sauna Traditional Indoor and Outdoor

RDX Sauna Traditional Indoor and Outdoor Hemlock Dry Wet Barrel Sauna

as of December 7, 2021 12:29 pm


  • 4 person indoor outdoor wet-dry sauna. Traditonal suana room can reach higher tempreture than the far Far infrared one, and no radiation affect our body.
  • Made of Canadian Western Hemlock1-3/8″ thick; partially pre-assembled construction with built-in vent holes CE approved certificate
  • Size:1800*1800MM. Includes: 4.5KW Havia sauna heater, 1 box of sauna stones, 1 set of sauna bucket and ladle, anti explosive lamp, 1 Pcs thermometer: 1 set of Sand-timer
  • Two 70" support cradles to elevate the structure from the ground . improved circulation and lower blood pressure , removal Toxins and Impurities from the body.
  • Finland made Harvia Vega electric sauna heater, heater stones and the wiring kit

Compared with the far-infrared Sauna, The RDX 4-6 Persons Barrel Sauna is a more traditional sauna room that can reach higher and more stable temperatures, making it perfect for people who want to sweat out toxins from their bodies.

This RDX barrel sauna kit comes with an all glass door that closes on its own. It also features hinges, stainless steel bands, and fasteners for durability! The frame is made to last while the front wall of this unit can hold up against harsh environments like forests or deserts without worry because its durable plastic-coated metal sheeting construction ensures long-lasting use.

The Finland Harvia electric heater is a masterpiece of Finnish design, with all the bells and whistles. The heater guard will keep your living space warm while you’re away on business trips or vacations thanks to its safety features like automatic cut-offs in case anything happens near it (which hopefully won’t!).


  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor 
  • This large barrel sauna is designed for 4 – 6 people 
  • It built from 1-⅜” Canadian hemlock
  • Required partially assembled
  • Having built-in vent and CE certified 
  • Features 4.5W harvia heater, sauna stone
  • No radiation when heating 


  • The Sauna comes without assembly instruction

Top 6: Almost Heaven Saunas Indoor/ Outdoor Sauna Kit

Almost Heaven Saunas | Quality Indoor/Outdoor Sauna Kit | Made in The USA | Detox & Weight Loss | Natural Wellness | Therapeutic Steam Spa (Audra 4-Person Barrel Sauna, Rustic Cedar)

as of December 7, 2021 12:29 pm


  • Capacity: 4 persons | Handcrafted in the USA | Easy assembly for 2 people | Pre-assembled wall/roof sections
  • 1 ⅜’’ Western Cedar with ball and socket style construction | Exterior dimensions: 72″W x 72″D x 77″H Interior dimensions: 71″L x 51″W x 71″H
  • 4.5 Kw Finnish-style water-over-rocks steam heater | Reaches 150F in 30 minutes and 190-195F in less than 1 hour
  • Heater Electrical Specs: 220v, 30 Amp service, 10/2 wire hard-wire connect | Interior Lighting Electrical Specs: 110v, 15 Amp plug-in
  • Tempered glass door | Stainless steel hinges, heater & fasteners | Comfortable wide bench for sitting | Includes bucket, ladle and thermometer/hygrometer

The Almost Heaven Saunas Indoor/ Outdoor Sauna is one of the best saunas produced, but it also has many benefits for consumers. For starters, this product offers an augmented appearance with its expansive porch and functioning front wall section set back to provide more appeal while still providing all-inclusive functionality in a sleek design!

The barrel sauna provides a space to sweat and detoxifies the body. The tight seal between wood allows it to expand during heating while also contracting for cooling down afterward- this creates an environment where toxins can be washed away with ease!


  • Being handcrafted and able to be put together with ease by two people
  • Have enough room for up to 4 people 
  • Reaching up to 150F in only 30 minutes and less than an hour for being steamy 190-195 degrees F
  • These best saunas feature bench seats that are roomy enough for a person to stretch legs out fully and relax inside
  • For accenting the redwood finish, apply the clear coating for making it more beautiful


  • It might be a little tight for four significant adults

Top 7: Allwood #160-EHC Outdoor/Indoor Three Person Barrel Saun

Allwood Outdoor/Indoor 3 Person Barrel Sauna #160-EHC with 3.0 kW UL Certified Electric Heater.

as of December 7, 2021 12:29 pm


  • sturdy frame and front/back walls made from 1-5/8" (42 mm) slow grown Nordic Spruce
  • U.S. made FLB 30 3.0 kW electric sauna heater + sauna stones included
  • Will comfortably seat 3 adults
  • Two 70" support cradles to elevate the structure from the ground
  • Assembly required

The Allwood Outdoor/ Indoor 3 Person Barrel Sauna is crafted with the highest quality and durability in mind. Crafted from slow-grown Nordic Spruce and U.S.-made parts, this Sauna will provide an escape from city life to a spa-like retreat in your backyard! So whether you have been working hard day after day or need a family gathering spot for friends, this gem will do the trick! 

Made with ease in the assembly in mind, the Sauna arrives all set up on a floor support cradle, so it is quick and easy to assemble when delivered right to your doorstep. This space comfortably seats three adults thanks to two elevated padded support cradles leaving enough room for relaxation at its best! 


  • It allows the natural air circulation 
  • Being designed to save energy costs with long steam cycles
  • High-quality electric heater
  • For three persons sit inside comfortably
  • It can heat up well 
  • Excellent bench position in the middle for putting head right in the hotter air


  • It might be pretty small 

Factors when buying Best Barrel Sauna

The best barrel sauna kit are constructed using cedar wood which not only looks beautiful, but is also durable. There are many different models available with some having coloring, lights, benches with convenient back rests, footrests and built-in speakers for music experience.

best barrel sauna
They normally include eight standard seating positions with the ability to accommodate more than one person at a time depending on your choice of model. It is also reasonably priced and comes with a warranty to give you peace of mind. The installation process is fairly simple and can be completed within one or two days depending on its size and design.

The following considerations will help you choose the best outdoor barrel sauna:

Ease of Installation and Use

The barrel sauna is a great addition for individuals who want to relax in complete privacy without feeling overwhelmed by fear of getting exposed; it can also be used as an efficient accessory when practicing sports or simply enjoying some time outside in the nature.

To enjoy all benefits associated with this type of unit you should carefully read and follow all instructions provided by manufacturer because they will ensure easy installation process regardless of your experience level. After unpacking the unit, make sure to check all components before starting setup process because it will save you on repair fees if there are any missing or damaged parts.


The best barrel saunas are designed standing on a flat ground without causing any damage to the floor. The wood used is treated with chemicals to prevent decay, rot and termites which can easily be found in the tropical countries. This means that all you have to do is follow simple instructions and assemble it in an area where children cannot gain access to it.

When using this type of sauna for relaxation purposes, make sure to drink lots of water and avoid overdressing during winter season or when humidity levels are high outside your home. You should also consult with your doctor before using this particular model if you suffer from chronic medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, diabetes and poor blood circulation because people suffering from these conditions should use it in moderation.


You should consider buying an electric heater for your sauna because it uses electricity efficiently without wasting resources which means you won’t need to spend money on fuel bills every month after purchasing one. You should also remember that to keep your unit safe it is highly advisable to use a power outlet with minimum 10 amp capacity along with ground fault interrupter for safety purposes.

If you are using an electric heater make sure to place the sauna over flat surface because it can result in accidents if users trip or fall during regular use. It is not advisable to clean the unit by using chlorine bleach because it will damage its structure and reduce its effectiveness; instead of this, you should consider buying disinfectant wipes which help users control growth of bacteria on soft surfaces such as seats and backs.

Heating Types

There are two types of heating units commonly used inside barrel saunas including heater; solar powered heating system (direct and indirect heating); and electric heaters which use electricity to generate heat inside the unit.

Wood Type

The most common material used for manufacturing saunas is Western Red Cedar (WRC) because it provides durability and strength necessary to withstand regular use; it also contains natural oils like cedrol which allow you to enjoy all benefits of a traditional sauna without any hassles; however, make sure that you keep your sauna in dry place otherwise it will result in noticeable damage after some time.

You can also consider buying Canadian White Cedar (CWC) or Hemlock wood if you want a durable alternative with similar features as WRC; all these types of wood are known for their ability to release moisture and absorb moisture required to keep the unit in perfect shape.


You should get a model that provides users with everything they require including warm air vent, back rest and floor mat. Some of the models come equipped with carrying bags for ease of portability; however, you can always purchase it separately if your sauna does not come with one.

It is advisable to look for accessories allowing users to control sweat and heat inside this unit because it will help them achieve desired results without putting effort and time into relaxation proce. Some of these accessories include thermometer which allows you to check temperature before entering the unit, timer which helps users keep track of their time spent inside this unit on daily basis and water proof floor covering which is perfect for individuals looking to enjoy sauna therapy after having an active workout.


You should look for a model that will meet all your requirements without requiring you to spend thousands of dollars on installation process. Portable barrel saunas are usually more affordable than other types because they are made to accommodate single person; the price of this type of unit may vary depending on heating system used, additional features and materials used to make it.

You can also buy larger models which contain lounges specifically designed for two or even three people to allow them relax together during one session; these models are commonly equipped with accessories including speaker systems allowing users enjoy their time inside the unit much better.

Delivery Policy

Don’t forget to check delivery policy of your preferred manufacturer because you may end up paying for additional cost if they require you to pay them in order to take this unit from their warehouse; most companies do not charge anything for the transportation process. If you want a portable model and do not have enough free space inside your home then it is advisable to go with company delivering items on smaller trucks because this way they will be able to deliver it straight from truck to your doorstep without requiring you lift heavy objects by yourself.


A good sauna manufacturer should provide warranty for all consumers regardless of their age or experience with saunas because this type of product requires specific attention during installation and use. All components used inside the unit must be properly protected in order to achieve best results and avoid any problems which may appear after extended use.

How to maintain your barrel sauna 

Exterior of outdoor sauna cleaning

If you’re looking to clean up your Sauna, now is a great time! Fall and Springtime mean people are outside getting busy. 

Suppose they’ve had their Sauna for six months or more. In that case, it’s also an excellent chance of restoring some original red cedar color on the exterior walls by pressure washing them with low-pressure wide patterned settings inside and out. This will help remove stains caused by anything that has been spilled in there over time.

There’s no need to stain your cedar sauna if you don’t want it. The beauty of the wood will only increase over time and even with UV exposure, which is why we recommend getting a protector like STAIN Block Plus from Prolonger Protection Solutions for optimal protection against sun damage!

A coat or two can make all of those grey hairs in front of Paloma Elle’s signature dye job look good too – just sayin.

Interior outdoor sauna cleaning

  • Vacuum or sweep all the loose dust, debris, and dirt
  • Scrub wooden benches with warm water and a mild solution of lemon; add a few drops of lemon for an antibacterial and pleasant scent. 
  • Use fine-grit sandpaper for the tough stains.
  • Keep the bench clean by sitting on a towel. 

Other maintenance

For a rewarding end to your day, take an invigorating sauna. Warm-up those muscles and release the tension with our clean heating system! Make sure you’ve checked for cracks or splitting before putting them back into use, as replacement stones are available onsite at no cost if needed.

FAQs on best barrel sauna

Q1: Are barrel saunas better?

In contrast to a box sauna, barrel versions have less unused airspace. However, they make up for it by having more usable space that allows them to get the room warmer faster because of their smaller size and ability to distribute heat better into every nook in your home’s interior design.

Q2: How long does a barrel sauna last?

We’re committed to providing you with the best sauna experience possible. All of our cedar barrel heaters use 100% Canadian Red Cedar, which has been selected for its proven resistance against weather and elements like rain or snow while also being able to withstand sunlight over time without fading in color due to exposure as well! 

With proper care, your beautiful log burner will last around 15-20 years before needing any repair work at all, so be sure we are top-notch when it comes down to how long a product lasts, and on style points, nobody else can compete here.

Q3: How much does a barrel of Sauna cost?

A barrel sauna typically costs you $2.500 to $15.000. 

Q4: Can you insulate a barrel sauna?

Barrel saunas do not need insulation as these saunas are designed to handle the weather. The wooden staves of a barrel won’t let off too much heat, and their design allows for easy flow of heating elements inside!


Best Barrel saunas are a great way to experience the benefits of traditional Nordic Sauna while still having all your space needs to be met. Not only that, but these unique barrel-shaped designs provide more room in comparison with other types!

People who want an immersive and enjoyable time at their spa should consider investing in one as soon as possible. Make sure you do some research first to know exactly what kind would be best suited for how often/ little use each type provides before making any purchases or decisions about installation costs, etcetera.


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