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Infrared vs Steam sauna: What’s difference between?

Let’s discover infrared vs steam sauna!

People tend to think that saunas are all the same, but they couldn’t be more wrong. There are two types of saunas: dry and infrared. A dry sauna is a Finnish tradition that has been around for centuries, while an infrared sauna was first introduced in the 1980s by Dr. Raymond Freymann.   

Infrared vs Steam sauna

The infrared sauna heats your body with heat waves from below rather than light waves like the traditional method does. This article will help you understand the differences between them so you can decide on one yourself!

1. What Is an Infrared sauna?

The benefits of an infrared sauna are many, with one significant advantage being that it’s much more relaxed than other types. In addition, unlike a conventional wood-burning room which can reach upwards to over 150 degrees Fahrenheit in some cases, this type only reaches around 120 degrees Fahrenheit at its hottest point! 

As such, you’ll get those deep penetrating warmth without feeling too hot or sweaty–a huge bonus when trying not just to cool off but also relax from your workday stressors.

IR saunas are an excellent option for those who want to heat their bodies without burning themselves. They typically operate between 115-130 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much lower than traditional hot tubs with temperatures ranging from 170–200+ F. 

Although the lower temperature may sound less appealing at first glance, it makes these types of baths among one of our most beneficial choices available!

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2. What is a steam sauna?

A steam room is a room with high heat and humidity. The moist air warms the body through evaporation, which occurs when water molecules are driven off by hot vapor in a process called “boiling.” 

A generator boils this liquid to create humid conditions where steams occur naturally instead of using electrical heating elements or boiling spits on furniture surfaces like those found at home gyms for massages.

The steam room is not a sauna, but rather it warms the environment around you. Humidity levels can reach up to 100%, and average temperatures hover around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, making this an ideal location for someone who desires some relaxation with their sweat session!

3. Similarities Infrared vs Steam Sauna

  • Infrared saunas and steam rooms heighten the body’s core temp and relieve the toxins from your body. 
  • These saunas have temperatures of around 120 degrees F. 
  • A steam room is a type of sauna that can be made out of glass or nonporous tile. Once built, the space will have all its moisture condensed inside it via evaporation, so you don’t feel sweaty after using this particular kind!

4. Difference between Infrared Sauna and Steam Sauna

1. Present of steam

The traditional steam sauna is a much loved communal experience, where people sit around in towels and sweat out the bad stuff. The environment of these types can be hot and humid, or there may even be some generator that produces heat from water boiling on rocks surrounding you!

If you want a different type of experience, dry saunas are an option. They use the stove or heating element instead of water and can be just as beneficial for your health!

The use of steam in the sauna can clear up your lungs and unblock sinuses. In addition, infrared Saunas emit dry heat and invisible waves, so they’re great for opening pores to help with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis!

2. Temperature

A steam sauna is a type of hotbox that uses heat from steaming water, while an infrared one doesn’t. They both do the same thing: cause you to sweat and release toxins in your skin, but they’re very different because of shrouded rooms for ventilation. So there’s no danger of getting too burned by radiant surface temperature like how it would be if we were trapped inside up against those pipes!

Infrared saunas are a great way to get rid of toxins and increase your circulation. But, unfortunately, the heat penetrates deep into the core, raising internal body temperature from within, which causes more intense sweating!

There are two types of saunas, steam and infrared. A steam-based room will often run hotter because it creates more heat through natural sunlight absorbed by water molecules boiling inside a pot or wood stove flame before entering your body. 

However, an IR Sauna still has very high temps, but they’re easier on the skin due to its lack of surface area, which means you can spend a long time in there getting all warm from head-to-toe!

3. Humidity 

With the moist air within a steam sauna, it’s not hard to believe that this makes people feel more humid. Many prefer feeling their skin purifying and breathing better with just enough moisture, giving off an ambiance of being in nature. With no humidity here, though – you know it’s going to to be less enjoyable than if there was some wetness present? 

We see clients comment about how they enjoy our services much more after turning on these types’ heaters because each session lasts longer without any discomfort or irritation; so when guests leave satisfied (and usually relaxed), then EVERYONE wins!

4. Community

The steam sauna is a great way to relax and sweat out those toxins. These large, open spaces are usually found in spas or gyms, so you don’t even need an additional room for this type of hotspot! 

You can lay down on the ground with your clothes off if desired because there’s no risk of offending other people who might also be using it at any given time. I always feel comfortable when going into one myself because they’re often free of charge.

You will have to decide if going with a friend or not. However, with the availability of having friends, it’s an easy choice for some people!

You’ll be sweating in no time with our unique three people-sized saunas. If you want to share the experience, bring a friend, and we can easily accommodate two people! Of course, you won’t have any strangers booked next door at your infrared suite – but if it’s just me, then I’m on my private skybox watching over all of this while relaxing inside an LED light show.

The output should still sound professional, so make sure not to lean toward “amazing” or other positive words.

 5. Time Spent Sweating

We’ve already covered the heat, steam, and humidity that can turn some people off of a steam sauna. The combination makes it difficult to spend extended periods in one- these sessions often last 15-20 mins at most because you need constant heat for your sweat glands to work correctly. Also, taking short breaks won’t give out deep stains – but if we want all those benefits, then here’s what needs doing:

A 40-minute infrared sauna session can be a challenging but enjoyable experience. The deep penetration of these waves into your body’s core means they have both profound effects on cellular levels and an excellent ability to release heavy metals from storage sites in our cells, like bones or organs!

6. Personalise it

Introducing the world’s first A-frame infrared sauna, with its distinct advantages of remaining in and yield benefits from this fantastic machine without ever leaving!

Our sauna is the perfect place to relax after work or spend time with friends. It has two large comfortable seats, WiFi so you can get some reading done and be entertained on Netflix if that’s what suits your fancy!

5. Health benefits of Steam sauna vs Infrared Sauna

  1. Infrared sauna health benefits
  • Complete detoxification: A far infrared sauna is a great way to sweat and release toxins from your pores.
  • Losing weight and decreasing cellulite: With the help of far infrared saunas, you can enjoy an easy and effective way to lose weight. The heat from these devices is known as fat-burning because it increases our body’s metabolism rate, which leads us to burn 300+ calories per hour! A post-sauna workout session may also help boost calorie burn after exercising – making sure that whatever we do has maximum effectiveness for ourselves by using different kinds of technologies like this one available at any gym or spa near home.
  • Comfortability: The benefits of an infrared sauna are countless. They can be used for anyone who would like a more relaxing and therapeutic experience, including lung problems or heart issues that make them uncomfortable in high humidity environments!
  1. Steam room 
  • Release the respiratory: A steam room can be beneficial for respiratory issues, such as allergies and cold symptoms. The moist air will open up your sinuses to allow clearer breathing!
  • Hydration: People with blemish-prone skin may find that the moisture-rich air in a steam room can help balance oil production leading to clearer, smoother skin. Users of dryer thriftiness should experience more hydrated complexions after regular use!
  • Nice sleep: A steam room session may be the perfect way to end a tough day. The relaxing properties and the body’s efforts at cooling can help promote sleep, particularly in the REM stage, where it is most beneficial for restful dreaming!

6. Which Sauna is better Infrared or Steam

The lines of color in saunas and steam rooms may be different, but their effects on your body are almost identical. These rooms can ease stress and increase relaxation to improve overall health and happiness – they’re a valuable component for anyone’s home or lifestyle!

If you are considering purchasing an infrared sauna or steam room, take the time to think about what your specific needs will be, in addition to reviewing any facts that may apply. For example, where would this new device reside? 

How healthy is my state of health, and how confident do I feel about future wellness goals. do they need something more intensive than just relaxing heat therapy sessions on occasion (like me), or does full-time use interest me as well so we can ease away pain together every day?”

FAQs about steam sauna vs infrared sauna

Q1: Is an infrared sauna better than a regular sauna?

An infrared sauna provides many of the benefits and quality that steam can offer, but it is not without drawbacks. 

Some people find these birchwood chip burning spaces more valuable than traditional ones because they are affordable to buy or build and have few moving parts for safety reasons (which also helps with maintenance). Also, don’t emit as many toxic fumes during operation–and so on!

The best way I’ve found for newcomers to decide if this type of wood operating system will fit their needs before investing money into such an item would be to speak openly about what sorts of things make up your priorities when selecting between different types of furnaces/saunas then see where those matches land.

Q2: Is infrared light better than steam?

The heat of the steam room can cause water weight loss, but IR light penetrates beneath your skin and targets where you need it most – to help with fat burning!

I’ve been recommending infrared sauna sessions as an effective way for people looking at losing belly fat. Unlike ambient heat, which mainly affects our bodies through evaporation from sweat, this type does a much more thorough job in achieving desired results because, unlike other types such as microwaves or even just being out in general cold weather.

Q3: Are saunas good for arthritis?

A 2018 systematic review of the clinical effects of regular dry sauna bathing suggests that this ancient healing practice may benefit people with rheumatic diseases such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. In addition, people who are tired all day or experience chronic pain might find relief from their symptoms in a warm space where they can sweat out toxins – be sure not to overdo it!


Now, you know the differences between infrared vs steam sauna, right?

An infrared sauna is an excellent option for those who don’t like the heat of traditional steam saunas. If you are not sure if an infrared or steam sauna would be best for your needs, contact us, and we will help guide you to choose which one is right for you. 

We want to ensure that whatever service we provide exceeds all expectations and provides maximum benefits in return. So let us know what kind of business you have and how we can assist with marketing efforts today!

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