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Sunray Sauna Reviews: SunRay Sierra 2 Person Infrared Sauna

SunRay Sierra 2 Person Infrared Sauna Review

Experience healthy and comfortable sauna sessions with the Sunray Sierra 2 person infrared sauna. This model is an elegant yet functional product explicitly designed for your needs. The item is a premium wooden piece with carbon-nano heaters that helps disperse heat evenly around the body.

Sunray Sauna Reviews

This kit is manufactured from the Sunray brand. The industry is a popular company in the home appliance market known for its quality products. Over the years, the brand has received positive reviews for its outstanding appliances and unique features.

SunRay Sierra 2 Person Infrared Sauna Review: Key Specs

  • Premium grade construction
  • Control panel
  • Moveable ergonomic backrest
  • 7-color chromotherapy lighting
  • Oxygen ionization system
  • Audio system
  • Ten mils tempered glass
  • Operational carbon nano heaters
  • Easy installation

SunRay Sierra 2 Person Infrared Sauna Review: Features & Function

Premium grade construction

This product is crafted to last years without wearing. The item is constructed with high-grade Canadian red cedar wooden material. Red cedar wood is popular for its durability. It features excellent strength and enhanced stability. As a result, the kit is corrosion-resistant and can withstand varied conditions.

Additionally, the tent’s construction further features groove panels for supreme strength and durability. The exterior is coated with non-toxic materials, while the interior is sanded to give an elegantly smooth finish. Equally, its wooden color will appeal to your settings and gives your apartment a vintage touch.

Operational carbon-nano heaters

Unlike your regular sauna, this sweat apartment comes with premium carbon nano heaters. The heaters are crafted to help distribute heat around your body during each sauna session. The far infrared panels produce 5.6-15 micron infrared rays that are easily absorbed by the body. The rays, which are a replica of the natural human spectrum, will enhance stress relief and blood flow.

The carbon-nano heaters are created and tested to produce zero EMF during operation. Likewise, these nano heaters are equipped with multi-layer PCB packing technology. The technology provides the chamber with temperatures of about 360 degrees for a more comfortable relaxation experience. Equally, our heaters are safe to use.

Control panel

The unit features dual programmable LED control panels. The panels allow customers to set and adjust the spa settings with less effort. The control panels will enable you to program your unit without breaking a sweat, whether inside or outside the cabin. You can also set the heat house for up to 60 minutes with a temperature of about 140 degrees with the control panels.

Oxygen ionization

Oxygen is another exclusive function that will give you comfortable sweat sessions. The oxygen ionization helps purify the air inside your vapor chamber. It will further help eliminate offensive odors that can be harmful to your health.

Easy installation

This model is easy to install. The unit is easy to assemble and is manufactured to be installed in any room. With this, users need not spend money on the installation process.

Advanced audio system

The Sunray spa comes with a modern audio function that allows customers to enjoy the music of their choice. Light your mood with the music of your choice during each sauna session. Simply select between the AUX, Bluetooth, and CD options to calibrate your mood.

Interior reading lamp

Maybe you wish to read while enjoying a hot bath; our model comes with an interior reading lamp for enhanced visibility. The interior lighting bulbs illuminate the interior and allow you to perform your reading exercise in the spa without straining your eyes.

Moveable ergonomic backrest

Thanks to its moveable ergonomic backrest, users can effortlessly rest their back during a steam bath. The backrest is designed for perfect and comfortable relaxation in the vapor tent.

Sunray Sauna Reviews: Pros & Cons


  • Dual LED control panels
  • Exterior recessed light
  • 2-person capacity
  • Oxygen ionization
  • Durable construction


  • The delivery process could be better

SunRay Sierra 2 Person Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Unlike your regular sauna, this tent is loaded with functions and features that help improve your health. Below are some benefits you enjoy while using the Sunray 2-person infrared sauna.


Enjoy a 100% relaxation session with the Sunray vapor house. The tent helps reduce stress, fatigue and rid your body of harmful toxins. The personal spa uses infrared heating technology to disperse heat around the body and increase blood circulation. As a result, each session in the steam house will enhance relaxation and your entire body functions.

Weight loss

Weight loss is another health benefit you will enjoy while using our 2-person sweat canopy. An average time of 30 minutes in your vapor room can help you burn hundreds of calories in a day. Calories are released and burned during your sweat sessions, thus making it an effective weight-loss tool.

Skin rebuilding

Spending time in your sauna is better to improve and tone your skin. We know your skin is the body’s largest organ; therefore, taking care of it is paramount. Our sauna will help you improve your skin look and overall health. While you sweat during your hot baths, your skin gets rid of harmful substances in your pores. The perspiration process will further increase your blood circulation for fresh nutrients to be brought to the skin surface. Removal of toxic materials from the skin helps tone your skin and relieves users of skin disorders.

Pain relief

Say goodbye to joint pain with this personal sauna. The model relieves you of pain by providing FAR infrared waves that penetrate the body. The 5.6-15 micron infrared rays are absorbed by the body tissue and muscle to relieve stress and enhance blood flow. Owing to this, the heat will safely penetrate the skin and ease your aches, pains, and tensions without affecting your skin.


Detoxification is another benefit you will enjoy from our portable spa. You should know your skin absorbs harmful substances like sulfur dioxide, mercury, lead, and carbon dioxide daily. These substances are toxic and may hinder the proper operation of your body system.

However, with the Sunray sauna, detoxification is a breeze. The machine causes your body to sweat. Hence oils and harmful materials are secreted from the body. Proper detoxification of your body can further help protect you from diseases like depression, high cholesterol, headaches, asthma, digestive orders, allergies, anxiety, heart disease, and joint stiffness.

Sunray Sauna FAQs

Q: What are the dimensions of a Sunray Sauna?

A: Our saunas come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any space. The most popular model, the 4-person sauna, measures 6’ x 6’ x 7.5’.

Q: How much does a Sunray Sauna weigh?

A: Our saunas range in weight from 700 lbs. for the 2-person model to 1200 lbs. for the 6-person model.

Q: How much electricity does a Sunray Sauna use?

A: Sunray Saunas are very efficient and use very little electricity. The 4-person sauna uses about the same amount of electricity as a coffee maker.

Q: What kind of wood is used to build Sunray Saunas?

A: We use only the highest quality Finnish spruce in our saunas. This slow-growing wood is very dense and has excellent insulating properties.

Q: What kind of heater does a Sunray Sauna use?

A: We use far infrared heaters in all of our saunas. Infrared heat penetrates deep into the body, providing a more detoxifying and relaxing experience than traditional saunas.

Q: How long does it take to heat up a Sunray Sauna?

A: It takes about 30 minutes to heat up a Sunray Sauna to the recommended temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: Can I use my Sunray Sauna outdoors?

A: Yes, our saunas can be used both indoors and out. However, we do recommend using them in a covered area to protect them from the elements.

Q: What is the warranty on Sunray Saunas?

A: We offer a 5-year warranty on all of our saunas.


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