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Health Mate Sauna Reviews: The Best Infrared Sauna for Personal

A sauna is a great way to detoxify your body and improve your health, but with so many different models on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best health mate sauna reviews on the market and what makes them stand out from the rest.

health mate sauna reviews

health mate infrared sauna reviews

We’ll also give you an overview of each model’s features and benefits so that you can decide which one is right for you. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Quick Health Mate Sauna Reviews for Personal Infrared Sauna

Not many brands live up to their promises, like Health Mate. We’ve always been a big fan of their products, and this HEALTH MATE Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna is no exception. This model is designed with space-saving in mind.

Thus, it’s an excellent choice for people who have always wanted to be a part of this big family but don’t have enough space to sacrifice for any models from their top product lines. This compact sauna offers space to accommodate one person. And compared to the extensive models from this brand, the Ultimate Sauna helps save nearly half the space and cost.

Furthermore, there are striking differences between this model and other saunas offered by Health Mate. This unit focuses on the lower body, as opposed to full-body therapy. It comes with a small side door that opens easily for quick access to the bench seat.

In my experience, it feels like sitting at your work desk, probably due to my lower part being enclosed in the sauna while the upper part is out in the open and the top of the device looks like a table. Inside the HEALTH MATE Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna is six low E.M.F. carbon heaters to deliver gentle heat and broader coverage.

As I said earlier, it has a flat top surface that can be used as a table. This way, you can comfortably work on your P.C., write, or read a book while receiving the massive benefits of an infrared sauna.

Health Mate Sauna Reviews: Key Features

health mate infrared sauna reviews

health mate infrared sauna reviews

Quality Wood Construction

One of many reasons we love this HEALTH MATE Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna is its sturdy build quality. This model is crafted with premium-quality traditional western red cedar and hemlock. These high-quality woods are the finest and ethically sourced for a durable and high-performing sauna.

Additionally, each material is carefully inspected and dried for days before kiln drying them. This way, it removes any worry about the wood splitting and cracking when exposed to alternating heat cycles. Now, it makes sense why the brand can stand by its products with a generous warranty policy.

More importantly, its impressive build quality and air-tight seal are responsible for HEALTH MATE Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna’s unparalleled heat retention and wider heat coverage. Hence, this properly-sealed sauna offers increased circulation to ensure users enjoy its ample therapeutic benefits.

Infrared Sauna E.M.F. Ratings

The E.M.F. levels are a couple of inches away from the six-carbon heaters, where the bench is, and at safer levels. Its E.M.F. levels are not the lowest we’ve come across in this industry. However, it’s not close to those dangerous levels you get from those cheaper models out there.

This is where I love to point out to potential customers that high prices do not usually translate to good, safe saunas. And conversely, you shouldn’t ignore cheaper models because of the price. Nonetheless, cheaply-priced saunas are more likely to deliver those unsafe, dangerous E.M.F. levels. Typically, the best sauna should have low E.M.F. levels below 3.0 mG (milligauss) – the lower, the better.

If you are anything like me, looking to get deep healing and improve your overall health, you should steer clear of cheap saunas from failing brands. They are stacked with lots of alluring features that usually don’t work and expose you to dangerous E.M.F. levels.

The HEALTH MATE Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna provides excellent infrared therapy and decent value for your money. Keep in mind this unit comes at a fraction of the home model’s price and won’t deliver full-body infrared therapy.

Simple & Quick Assembly

This lower body sauna arrives in parts that are a cinch to put together. You will need a few tools and an extra hand to waltz through the assembly process. It took us about an hour and shouldn’t take you more than two hours to set this sauna up and ready for improving your overall health.

Its quick assembly can be tailored to the pre-wired design, making it easier to set up even if you don’t consider yourself handy. Even better, this product is supplied with an instruction manual that takes away the guesswork and hassle of putting products like this together.

After assembling, you get a super lightweight and compact sauna that can fit in just about anywhere in your house, from small bathrooms to garages. Besides, you can move it around with ease to enjoy your infrared spa moments and boost body metabolism anytime, anywhere.

Health Benefits

The HEALTH MATE Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna is designed to offer therapeutic benefits and fits into anyone’s budget, lifestyle, and home. This space-saving and affordable sauna targets the lower back, knees, legs, or feet. It brings the health benefits of traditionally-sized infrared saunas without the large footprint and price.

What’s more? This sauna is perfect for a wide range of body treatments, from rejuvenating the skin to losing weight, increasing metabolism, and improving blood circulation. While we can’t really say how well it delivers these promises, this product helps relieve pain, especially in the bottom part of the body.

Thanks to its Far Infrared Thermal Therapy, F.I.T.T., this sauna will warm your lower body with the right temperature proportion without experiencing any adverse effects like elevated blood pressure. Its in-depth warming is comfortable and safe since your heat and heart would be out of the enclosed sauna.

Health Mate Sauna Reviews: Pros & Cons


  • Super lightweight and compact
  • It takes up only a little space
  • Backed by a decent warranty
  • Durable Canadian hemlock construction
  • Easy to assemble with a couple of tools and an extra hand
  • Low E.M.F. levels


  • This model can only accommodate one person at a time
  • Only your lower parts get to benefit from the infrared therapeutic sauna
  • It might feel awkward at first, especially for people used to the full-body saunas
  • It’s not compact enough for an on-the-go experience


Health Mate Saunas are the perfect way to relax after a long day or week. With infrared heat and negative ions, these saunas detoxify your body while improving your overall health. If you’re looking for a relaxing and healthy way to spend some time at home, consider purchasing a Health Mate Sauna today.

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