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What are The Best Sauna Backrest in 2023 – Tips and Guides

If you are looking for best sauna backrest, look no further! We’ve got what you need.

Going to the sauna regularly is remarkably helpful for our bodies. This activity has a lot of positive consequences on our health and, at the same time, curtails stress and anxiety.

For a better sauna experience, having the exact gadgets in place is necessary. Sauna back support enhances your comfortability, reduces and prevents back pain.

Sauna sessions can be more refreshing and pleasing with an appropriate backrest that is stiff enough to support your body.

Best Sauna Backrest
 Sauna Backrest

The Sauna backrests come in numerous styles to satisfy diverse cravings. The best sauna backrest is the one that is durable, comfortable, and can endure the sauna’s heat for elongated periods.

Owing to this, purchasing the right for you can be intimidating. However, with enough and adequate research, this article brings good tidings.


List of Top Sauna Backrest Comparison Table

Why buy a sauna backrest?

Sitting for a long time in an uncomfortable place can put unnecessary strain on your muscles. It will lead to discomfort and also affect your posture adversely so as to put pressure on your spine and other joints.

This will cause pain in the back, neck, shoulders and feet which may turn into serious health issues if ignored. The right sauna seat can prevent all this discomfort, pain and strain.

Read more to discover the list of best sauna backrest.

Reviews of Top 7 Best Sauna Backrest on Amazon in 2022

Top 1. JNH Lifestyles 2SBR1 S-Shape infrared sauna backrest (2 Pack)

JNH Lifestyles 2SBR1 Ergonomic S-Shape Backrest (2 Pack)

as of December 7, 2021 12:50 pm


  • Designed for JNH Lifestyles Saunas
  • Made of 100% natural Oak wood with finest workmanship
  • Solid structure and S-Shape
  • Pack of 2 S-Shape backrest
  • Ergonomic Backrest.Exclusively work with Vivo, Joyous, Freedom Collection Saunas (any size) only.

As the name of this gadget implies, it is one of the most amazing ergonomic backrests in this article.

This backrest is designed by JNH Lifestyles. The JNH lifestyle is a prime brand because of the stability and durability it offers to its users.

This ergonomic “S” shape back-support is constructed with 100% Oakwood.

The S-shaped accessory structure aligns the natural curve of your back, delivering support throughout an entire sauna session.

Its fascinating design and structure provide utmost solace and can accommodate two people in a steam Saunas.

The device is easy to use – simply engage the backrest kit near the heating station, then enjoy the sauna experience and comfort.

This model comes with diverse packaging. You can get three, two, or more backrests in one purchase.

What’s more? The design is quite excellent for youths and adults with back pain ailments who want to relax inside a sauna for a few minutes.

It is also compatible with infrared sauna backrest design, and you won’t have problems setting it up.

If you want to buy the best sauna backrest, you can consider this sauna backrest as your final choice.


  • Sturdy and highly durable.
  • It can utilize both stem sauna and infrared sauna backrest
  • Made from 100% natural Oak material.
  • Features an S-shape backrest that accommodates two people giving you maximum comfort
  • Its vigorous structure improves its durability
  • Oakwood’s solid nature makes it fungal resistant


  • Lacks installation manual

Top 2. Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack

Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest 2-pack 100% Natural Hemlock Wood Construction, S-Shape, No Stains, All Natural Finish (Backrest)

2 new from $69.99
as of December 7, 2021 12:50 pm


  • Set of two backrests
  • Constructed from natural solid Canadian Hemlock wood
  • Ergonomic design for added comfort
  • No assembly required

The second spot goes to Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna back support. This back gear is constructed of natural solid Canadian Hemlock wood.

It’s an item of solid and multipurpose furniture capable of providing unlimited comfort during indoor and outdoor sauna experiences.

The Dynamic Sauna features an S- shape backrest. This makes it suitable for both old and young users.

The dimensions fit a broad range of sizes. It’s an extraordinary way to make yourself more comfortable when you spend additional time in the sauna.

This backrest offers a low-maintenance scheme. Also, its natural calibration makes it 100% stain-resistant.

Extensive support is sure even if you decide to rest on the backrest for ample sessions with its S-Shape structure.

What’s best? This type of wood substance is naturally stain-resistant. Although it doesn’t mean you won’t have to clean it at all, you won’t have to tidy it every time.

Likewise, the backrest is also dirt-resistant and can withstand all the elements within your sauna.


  • Made with 100% Hemlock wood that enhances durability
  • Budget-friendly
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to maintain because of its stain-resistant nature


  • Not for everyone, especially those with sensitive skins.

Top 3. Radiant Saunas SA5059 Universal Sauna Backrest

Radiant Saunas SA5059 Universal Sauna Backrest (Set of 2)

5 new from $174.19
1 used from $67.81
Free shipping
as of December 7, 2021 12:50 pm


  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional arrangements with a third party provider ahead of delivery
  • Dimensions (each)- 15 L x 4 W x 27.5 H inches
  • Set of two backrests
  • Constructed from solid Canadiametern Hemlock wood
  • Ergonomic design for added comfort

If you are looking for a backrest, you can fix at any angle; this is your best bet.

The Radian ergonomically shaped back support is made from natural Canadian hemlock wood. The furniture is designed to improve your all-around sauna experience.

Some people reported that the Radiant Saunas SA5059 is the best sauna backrest.

Although lightweight, this Canadian wood is strong and enough to support you regardless of your weight.

This product offers definitive leisure enhancement during sauna sessions. It allows sauna bracing moisture to act as a fence for high-temperature exposure when you lean back for a comfortable experience.


  • The ergonomic design Is satisfactory
  • Broader design for flexible positioning
  • The package comes already assembled
  • It can be transferred easily inside the sauna
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty


  • It can be slippery sometimes

Top 4. HSE Cedar S-Shape Sauna Backrest (1, Red Cedar)

HSE Cedar S-Shape Sauna Backrest (1, Red Cedar)

as of December 7, 2021 12:50 pm


  • QUALITY CEDAR WOOD - One of the few S-shape sauna backrests made entirely with beautiful Canadian red cedar wood, the traditional wood of choice in saunas.
  • ERGONOMIC S-SHAPE - A comfortable curved backrest designed to fit the natural arch in your back while covering any infrared heat panels.
  • INFRARED SAUNAS - Keep your back away from your sauna's infrared heaters. The safest, most relaxing way to enjoy an infrared sauna session is with a curved backrest.
  • TRADITIONAL SAUNAS - Relax more comfortably on your traditional sauna's bench by leaning back on a curved backrest, rather than the bench's right angle.
  • 1 BACKREST INCLUDED - Each high-quality cedar backrest is sold separately.

The HSE Cedar S-Shape back wood earns the fourth spot in this article.

The product is constructed with Canadian red cedar wood, a traditional wood that can withstand the test of time.

This sauna backrest is manufactured mainly to make your regular sauna experience even more peaceful.

The S-shape accessory follows the arch of your lower back. It provides a top-notch relaxation opportunity for people of a wide variety of heights.

Furthermore, the S-shape of this backrest ensures it conforms with your sauna adventure.

The ergonomic S-shape makes the product feel nice on your back, and you may not want to vacate the sauna once you sit on it.

Also, the curved backrest is not just for convenience nor style. It is designed that way if you decide to go on an infrared sauna backrest trip to have some coverage from the infrared panels.

In addition, the cedar sauna backrest protects your head and hair from overheating. The model comes fully assembled, with each backrest sold separately.

The sauna backrest transcends, making you comfortable in your sessions but helps keep your health in check too. The wooden product has a natural fragrance and a precise color.

With its natural immunization to vapor, you can get added protection from bacteria that develop on saunas.

Finally, the HSE sauna backrest is a good selection. It features high-quality wood that will last years in the sauna without issues. It’s a good option for consideration.


  • High-quality wood
  • Unique color.
  • Ideal for traditional and infrared sauna backrest
  • It comes fully assembled and ready for use
  • Ergonomic S-shape


  • The scent might be offensive

Top 5. Radiant Saunas SA5024 Deluxe Sauna Accessory

Radiant Saunas SA5024 Deluxe Sauna Accessory Kit, 23.625" x 11.75" x 4.33", Natural

3 new from $168.27
Free shipping
as of December 7, 2021 12:50 pm


  • This item will be delivered curbside. To have the item delivered to a location of choice on your property, kindly make additional arrangements with a third party provider ahead of delivery
  • Crafted from top-grade western Canadian Hemlock, sanded to an ultra-smooth finish
  • Smooth, comfortable headrest; measures 13.75-In L x 8.67-In w x 2.75-In H
  • Ergonomically-shaped backrest for ultimate comfort; measures 15.75-In w x 3.5-in D x 20.5-in H
  • Leg rest improves your overall sauna experience; measures 23.625-In L x 11.75-In w x 4.33-In H

This furniture is known for its luxurious reputation and quality.

The product includes a leg rest, magazine rack, headrest, along with a drink holder, towel, and robe. It has an ergonomic design to fit your body comfortably.

Relatively, each unit is built from High-grade Western Canadian Hemlock wood and furnished for a super-smooth finish. The Radiant Saunas SA5024 comes with different accessories for enhanced comfort.

Conclusively, this model is easy to install and comes with everything necessary. The Radiant Saunas SA5024 is an excellent addition to your sauna to a perfect way to add extra solace and comfort to your overall steam adventure. The model is a unique accessory to consider whenever you are going for a session.


  • Ergonomic structure to conform to your body’s curve
  • Well finished wood construction
  • Heat resistant design
  • Durable and reliable build quality


  • It can be expensive

Top 6. Finnish Sauna and Spa Wooden Back Support

Finnish Sauna and Spa Wooden Back Support Natural Aspen Wood Head Back Rest 55''

as of December 7, 2021 12:50 pm


  • Simple yet highly essential appliance with a curved shape to support your head, shoulders, and back while a sauna session
  • Made of natural heat-resistant aspen, has smooth and pleasant to the touch surface, accurately fits body shape - everything for high-quality rest
  • Plain wooden design of the appliance will nicely fit into any sauna interior and make it even more comfortable, stylish and cozy
  • Excellent gift for sauna, spa, banya, and hammam lovers and any person as well
  • Made in Finland with great attention to the details and outstanding quality of craftsmanship

This back support wood is made of natural heat-resistant aspen. Its smooth and delightful touch surface accurately suits the body shape.

The furniture gives users the utmost comfort and support to the back and head while sitting in the sauna.

These backrests are beneficial in Finish Sauna as well as an infrared sauna. The backwood has an S – Shape and is explicitly constructed to fit your back.

The best sauna backrest is available in mini structure, especially for your back and the more substantial categories that comprise head support. This sauna is made of wood, either aspen or cedar.

In addition, the backwood comes with a natural fragrance. The timber diffuses its essential oils, filling the air with an elegant and healing scent.


  • It offers both head and back support
  • An ergonomic design
  • High-quality build quality
  • It perfectly fits the body shape


  • More costly than others

Top 7. Curved Cedar Sauna Headrest

Curved Cedar Sauna Headrest (14 1/2" x 10 3/4")

as of December 7, 2021 12:50 pm


  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Contact Us With Any Questions. Thank you!

This curved Western Red Cedar sauna headrest is an excellent addition to your sauna experience.

Created of high-quality wood, the back support is durable and provides lengthy services.

 The furniture features light wood that can stay cool in hot sauna temperatures. The apparatus is safe and environmentally friendly. 

Matching your head curve, this model relieves users of fatigue and ensures body comfort.


  • High-quality wood
  • Pocket friendly
  • It offers great comfort for your head
  • Heat resistant


  • No warranty

All factors to consider when choose the best sauna backrest for your sauna

Choosing the best type of seat is not an easy task. You need to consider various factors that contribute to the seat’s comfort. Here, we have discussed some factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a sauna seat or backrest:

Design, Size & Shape

The design of the seat is important as it needs to match your body shape and size. The size of the stool should give you ample leg room so that your feet don’t touch the floor while you are seated. The shape of the seat should be such that it provides ample support to your lower back and spine.

Also, make sure that the seat has a backrest so as to give your upper body and neck a break from continuous strain and pressure.


Durability is an important factor as you will be spending a lot of time sitting on the sauna seat. If you invest in a durable product then it can last long and provide maximum comfort to your body.


Comfort is important as the seat should fit well around your buttocks, thighs and back so that you don’t feel pain or strain while sitting for long hours. The seat should be wide enough to accommodate your body shape comfortably. You can use a soft cushion or towel for extra comfort.

Ease of Use, Installation

The sauna seat must be easy to install so that you don’t have trouble fitting it in the narrow space inside the sauna. It should also be easy to clean so that you don’t have to face the hassle of cleaning it every time. Also, if it is light in weight then it will be easier to carry whenever you want to take it out for cleaning or if you need to move your sauna seat.


Last but not least – do not forget to check your budget before buying a sauna backrest. This will help you in finding the best deal without going overboard with your expenses.

What is a Sauna Backrest?

A Sauna Backrest is basically a raised horizontal platform with a “S” shape cut in one end for your neck and head to rest against leaving the other end pointed down towards your feet where you could put some of your belongings such as sandals, drinks, magazines etc.

At first glance a Sauna Backrest looks like a long pillow but it has a built in curve to allow you to lean back so your head is comfortably elevated with the ample width of the “S” shaped neck support.

A backrest for sauna is used to provide additional support when sitting upright in the sauna. This can be an important part of your home sauna because it allows you to stay in the heat longer by reducing strain on your lower back, neck and shoulders.

Since using a sauna requires maintaing an upright position, it can put significant strain on these areas of your body if you do not have any support.

What is the Best Wood for a Sauna Backrest?

Wooden backrests and benches for sauna and steam bath is a traditional way to bring more comfort in these rooms. People who like sauna also love back rests, because this is the only place where you can relax your spine.

Sauna wooden benches are made from three different types of wood: spruce, cedar and pine.

Pine is the cheapest wood, but it is not good for making sauna benches because of its bad quality. It can’t stand against humidity and early rot.

Cedar bench will last for 15 years in normal conditions, spruce bench 10-15 years. Spruce is also a traditional type of best sauna backrests, but it is more expensive than cedar.

In some countries, you can find benches made from beech wood. In time of using, bench can go darker and as a result look unusual. If the bench becomes too dark, you can sand it lightly and cover with some oil or milk paint. Then wipe with dry cloth and let the bench have sun exposure for about half an hour.

Don’t forget to protect backrest from sun by covering it with a sheet of plywood if it has open sides without a screen between a bench and a sauna heater. This will reduce your expenses on repairs because after that treatment bench will recover its old color for many years ahead.

Sauna wooden benches are quite comfortable, easy to clean, and they go with any style of decoration. So if you want the best for your sauna, choose backrest made from cedar or spruce. See full here

DIY Sauna Backrest

We all know that a sauna backrest is very useful and we would like to have it even in our homes, but we do not want to buy the expensive ones that could be found in health spa centers.

The good news is that you can make one yourself with simple tools and materials such as plywood boards.


1) Plywood boards – three pieces of 30cm x 2m long (1″ thick for each board). You may need more plywood boards if your seat height is different than 25 cm.

2) A piece of cloth – cut 1 meter long and width equal to your seat height (25cm-30cm)

3) Wood glue

4) Staples

5) Hammer

6) Hand saw or jig saw

7) Ruler and pencil

8) Electric drill

9) Drill bits – 1cm, 4mm and 6mm

10) Nails

11) Sandpaper


1) Measure your plywood boards according to the illustration above. Once you have determined their length, cut them with a hand saw or a jig saw.

2) To make the holes for staples, firstly drill 1 cm deep holes on the inner side of each board as shown in the diagram. Then use a 4 mm bit to make two holes at both ends of those drilled pieces as illustrated above.

3) Take four straight nails and try to insert them into those holes as shown in the figure below. If they fit, go to the next step. Otherwise make the holes a little deeper until they do.

4) When you are sure that your nails fit into those 4 holes, put some wood glue on each of them and apply it on one side of your plywood board as shown in figure below. Then immediately inserting those nails into the holes from the opposite side of the board as shown in figure below and press firmly for a few minutes so that glue can adjust its form and stick properly with both surfaces.

5) Cut a piece of cloth equal to length plus half width according to the diagram above.

6) Put some wood glue on top of all three plywood boards and place your cloth over them as shown in figure below. Press firmly so that glue can hold it in place. Make sure the cloth is levelled on top of each board.

7) To make your sauna backrest completely durable and to protect it against humidity, you need to cover its bottom side with some wood wax (car varnish or other similar product). So, turn all three boards upside down and apply a thin layer of wood wax over their bottom surfaces and allow it to dry for at least one day.

8) Use staples gun to staple your fabric onto plywood boards as illustrated above.

9) Your sauna backrest is ready! You do not need any nails or screws because staples will fix everything perfectly. Enjoy your new sauna backrest!

Sauna Backrest FAQs

What is a sauna backrest?

A sauna backrest is a device that is placed on the back of a person in a sauna to provide support and comfort.

Why would I want a sauna backrest?

A sauna backrest can provide support and comfort for the back when sitting in a sauna. It can also help to keep the body more stable when sitting in a sauna.

Where can I buy a sauna backrest?

Sauna backrests can be purchased from many online and offline retailers as Amazon…

How much does a sauna backrest cost?

Sauna backrests typically cost between $10 and $50.

What are the benefits of using a sauna backrest?

Some benefits of using a sauna backrest include improved comfort and support for the back, and increased stability when sitting in a sauna.

Are there any risks associated with using a sauna backrest?

There are no known risks associated with using a sauna backrest. However, as with any other product, it is always recommended to consult a physician before using if you have any health concerns.

How to clean the sauna backrest?

The backrest of a sauna stove is easy to clean. The fireproof paint of the backrest protects it from soot and stains. You can simply wash it with a damp cloth, if necessary use a sponge. This way the painted surface will remain as new for a long time.


Finding the best sauna backrest for your needs can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve done all of the work for you with our list of top picks. Our goal was to help you find an affordable, sturdy product that will hold up over time and provide comfort during those long sessions in the heat.

We reviewed factors like price, quality, durability, portability and more before narrowing down these choices to just four! You should consider one of them as your final choice when it comes shopping around so you know what is out there on the market today!

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