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The Sauna

You’re in for a whole day of pampering when you come to our spa. Tours are given every time, and we have tips on how best to enjoy yourself so that your visit can be as memorable—or not!

Sauna room

The Downtown Banya sauna is a third-generation Slavic stove maker’s labor of love. No expense has been spared in recreating this sacred tradition for you to enjoy. And we’re so confident that it will become one-of-a-kind among other hot tubs or spas with low heat combined with high humidity levels because our natural humidity makes breathing easy while providing just enough warmth without making any person too uncomfortable at higher temperatures! So you’ll be able to stay longer than usual before wanting an escape from all those comfort & pleasure amenities.

Wet sauna room

The air in the Wet Sauna is much more humid than that of a Russian sauna, making it an excellent alternative. You’ll enjoy your experience all the more if you opt to combine them!

The wet sauna is a space where you can feel at peace with your mind. It’s also an excellent opportunity for self-care, relaxation, and healing because the air inside this room has been known in many different cultures for its soothing qualities. Another exciting option while visiting our facilities includes aromatherapy! A variety of essential oils are available on steam stoves which will turn any visit into something like stepping into a botanical garden within minutes–well, until all those scents start to diffuse throughout the lobby too.

The pool

A banya is a perfect way to soothe your skin and work up an appetite. But it’s not all relaxation – the cold plunge will make you feel rejuvenated! It might seem intimidating at first, but once you’ve done both of these activities in succession (following sauna with quick dip), there won’t be enough time left for anything else because they’re just that good.

The benefits don’t stop here: following hot sauna sessions followed by dips into icy water have been shown experimentally to increase blood circulation without making us overly overheated.

The sound of water lapping up against the shoreline is enough to send a shiver down your spine and make you feel weightless. A Jacuzzi offers not only cooling relief but also provides an excellent soaking experience with its flat-screen plasma hanging right over the head for those who enjoy watching TV while they’re in there!

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