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Whenever people have sought relaxation and relief from pain and disease, they’ve gone to baths. In Slavik world the tradition is nearly sacred and the bath (banya) is the place to go for health and fellowship.

FREE admission to banya with 90-min deep tissue massage

Swedish Massage full body

Firm but gentle pressure across the body improves circulation and eases muscle aches and tension. A mild massage that offers full-body relaxation, Swedish is recommended for first-time massage customers.

25min (upon availability)$46  |  50min: $92  | 80min: $130

Deep Tissue Massage full body

Deep Tissue is a goal-oriented massage. We focus on deeper and tougher tissues, targeting specific muscle groups to help stubborn muscles release and relax. Relieve chronic tension and adhesions with this superbly intense treatment.

50min: $98 | 80min: $146 includes banya entry for one

Sports Massage

This is an invigorating and stimulating massage for athletes. Sports massage emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to the muscles and tendons. This treatment will help athletes stay in great condition before and after sporting events.

50min: $98

Cupping Therapy

This ancient Chinese therapy uses small cups to stimulate the body for intense muscle relaxation. During treatment, tissues release toxins and the lymphatic system is activated, clearing blockages. The way that cupping stimulates muscles makes it one of the best deep tissue massages available. Note: cupping may cause temporary bruising or skin discoloration.

50min: $98 | 80min: $138

Hot Stone Therapy

A specialized massage using hot stones. The stones are placed on the body and used for the actual massage transferring heat to muscles, reducing tension and aiding in the release of toxins from tissues.

50min: $108   80min: $154 includes banya entry for one


Relaxation Scalp Massage

A luxuriant scalp massage starts with a warm towel scented with rosemary oil placed over the face. The scalp massage relieves headaches and relaxes the muscles in the head and upper neck. This treatment is particularly great for over-stressed office workers.

25 min (upon availability) $52 |  50min: $92


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