Pamper yourself And experience total relaxation
2814 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201 | (425) 25-Banya
Mon—Thu 4pm—11pm | Fri—Sat 12pm—11pm | Sun 2pm—10pm

Foot & hand treatment

Feet Retreat

Pamper your feet with an aromatic hot towel massage, invigorating foot scrub and a hydrating peppermint cream. Then complete your feet’s delight with a rejuvenating reflexology session.

45 min: $68

Parafango Hand & Foot Treatment

This therapeutic treatment eliminates pain and stiffness in the hands and feet. Parafango provides heat to over-worked muscles and restores skin elasticity.  Circulation and joint mobility are improved and the treatment is concluded with a stimulating reflexology session. You’ll also receive a relaxing head massage. This treatment is perfect for those who work on their feet or have headaches and arthritis.

60 min: $96 | 90 min: $144

Reflexology Foot Treatment

A healthy and stimulating treat for tired feet, reflexology is pressure applied to specific points in order to relieve stress, headaches and induce total relaxation.

30 min: $40 | 45 min: $59 | 60 min: $75

Make a reservation online or by calling us
at (425) 25-BANYA.

Gift cards

Gift cards

Visits to Banya make great gifts for family and friends and are the perfect treat for those who like to get steamy at the Northwest's only authentic Russian Spa.

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Spa reservation

Free banya admission with 90-min deep tissue massage or 90-min exfoliation treatment





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Service Type
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