Experience Downtown Banya Get a massage, sweat out some toxins, take an invigorating cold plunge and then relax while playing a game of pool
Traditional Russian Cuisine
Welcome to Awesome

Sweat, Soak, Eat & Play

Get your sweat on

Pictured: The Russian sauna room

Delicious Appetizers
Delicious Appetizers

Pictured: Smoked trout

The best of Russian tradition

Experience Old World tradition with a modern twist

The stove

Hand-crafted by a third generation
Russian stove maker

The biggest difference is the humidity

Ordinary saunas can’t provide the same benefits as an authentic Russian banya

Flavorful Soups

Pictured: Borscht

Deep relaxation

Sweat out some toxins and then relax
while watching some TV

Banya Improves Your Health

Relaxation, weight loss, detoxification & improved immune system are just some of the benefits

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Irresistible entrees

Pictured: Vareniki

The pools

The heat has to be contrasted with cold
to get the best benefit

The lounge

You’ll notice that we’re not just any old sauna

Banya by Reservation Only please call (425) 25-Banya 


The Spa at Downtown Banya is a Slavic oasis in the center of the city. Experience Old World tradition with a modern twist. Sweat. Soak. Eat and Play.

Massage and spa

The Spa at Downtown Banya

Regular massage promotes excellent health. Reduce tension, ease muscle aches and eliminate toxins with one of over a dozen varieties of massage and reflexology treatments. Try Hot Stone Therapy or a Hand and Foot Treatment for deep relaxation and pain relief or luxuriate with a one-hour Swedish Massage after your sauna session.

Private parties

Lounge at Downtown Banya

Downtown Banya is ideal for private parties, meetings and presentations. Please contact us for more details.