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Sweat, Soak, Eat & Play

The best of Russian tradition

Experience Old World tradition with a modern twist

The biggest difference is the humidity

Ordinary saunas can’t provide the same benefits as an authentic Russian banya

Banya Improves Your Health

Relaxation, weight loss, detoxification & improved immune system are just some of the benefits

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Banya by Reservation Only please call (425) 25-Banya 



Welcome to Downtown Banya Slavic Coed sauna 

 A traditional Slavic-Coed hot and steam sauna,  where folks gather to relax, heal and enjoy each other’s company.

When you visit our spa, you’ll notice that we’re not just any old sauna. Schedule your session at the Banya, sweat out some toxins, take an invigorating cold plunge and then relax while watching some TV or play at the pool table.

Finish off your stay with a traditional meal from our Downtown Bistro featuring our Slavic foods.  

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