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The facility at Downtown Banya

We’re a family of Slavic passion to spread health and well-being. After Ariving to the U.S. we have missed our local banya, but we also wanted to create something new and uniquely American.

Downtown Banya combines the best of Slavic  tradition with the amenities of a modern spa. In addition to the sauna, you’ll enjoy massage, exfoliation, and exquisite dining. We’ve even got a TV and pool table for lounging afterwards.

The sauna

Sauna at Downtown Banya

The biggest difference is the humidity: ordinary saunas can’t provide the same benefits as an authentic Slavic banya. We keep the humidity close to the air outside allowing us to make things a lot hotter. In a typical “Wet” sauna your stay can’t be as long or as hot because the steam can scald your skin. A banya allows for maximum enjoyment and benefit.

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The bistro

The Bistro at Downtown Banya

Savory soups to warm you up, vibrant salads that are a meal by themselves and desserts that will take your tongue to heaven. Downtown Bistro is the best way to top off every banya visit. You don’t even have to get dressed. Step out of the sauna and right into our dining room in your robe and sauna hat.

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