Get your sweat on

Pictured: The Russian sauna room

The stove

Hand-crafted by a third generation
Russian stove maker

Deep relaxation

Sweat out some toxins and then relax
while watching some TV

The pools

The heat has to be contrasted with cold
to get the best benefit

The lounge

You’ll notice that we’re not just any old sauna

2814 Colby Ave, Everett,  WA 98201 | (425) 25-Banya
Mon, Wed &Thu 4pm>10pm | Fri—Sat 12pm>11pm | Sun 2pm>10pm Tuesday-CLOSED

The Sauna

On your first visit, we’ll take you for a tour of our spa and give you some tips on how best to enjoy everything we have to offer. Take your time to enjoy it all – your admission gives you access for the whole day.

 Sauna  room

Russian sauna room at Downtown Banya

The sauna at Downtown Banya was hand-crafted by a third generation Slavic stove maker. No expense has been spared in recreating our sacred tradition for you to enjoy. While most saunas are low heat combined with high humidity, our sauna is maintained at a natural humidity that makes the air easy to breathe and the high heat easy to bear. You’ll be able to stay longer and achieve greater benefit in our sauna than in any other. Try it for yourself – just remember: we can’t be responsible for the consequences of unexpected late-night stays due to extreme comfort and pleasure.

The wet sauna room

Wet sauna room at Downtown Banya

The air in the Wet Sauna is much more humid than in the Slavic Sauna, hence the name Wet Sauna. It is an excellent alternative to theTurkish sauna but your experience will be all the more enjoyable combined.

The air inside the wet sauna has been known in many different cultures for its healing qualities. Another exciting option while in this room includes the availability of aroma therapy. A variety of different herbs may be placed on the steam stove and within minutes the room is transformed into a botanical garden. Herbs are sold in our lobby.

The pools

Pools at Downtown Banya

Expert banya fans  know that heat has to be contrasted with cold to get the best benefit. That's why every proper banya needs the Cold Plunge. It might seem intimidating at first, "you want me to jump into what???", but the cold plunge is essential to getting the most of your banya experience. Following the sauna with a quick cold plunge will help your skin look fresh and improve elasticity (hear that ladies?).

On a warmer note, a Jacuzzi is also available with a flat screen plasma hanging just overhead for those of us who enjoy watching  while soaking in water. 


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