Delicious Appetizers

Pictured: Smoked trout

Flavorful Soups

Pictured: Borscht

Irresistible entrees

Pictured: Vareniki

Sweet desserts

Pictured: Sweet blintzes

2814 Colby Ave, Everett, WA 98201 | (425) 25-Banya
Mon—Thu 4pm—11pm | Fri—Sat 11am—11pm | Sun 2pm—10pm

The bistro at Downtown Banya

Savory soups to warm you up, vibrant salads that are a meal by themselves and desserts that will take your tongue to heaven. Downtown Bistro is the best way to top off every banya visit. You don’t even have to get dressed. Step out of the sauna and right into our dining room in your robe and sauna hat.

Delicious Appetizers

Salo 4.49
Russian style smoked bacon

Assorted cold cuts 6.99

Smoked chicken leg 4.99

Herring with onions 6.99

Taranka 6.99
Sun-dried unsalted stock fish

Smoked trout 19.99
Served with half-sour pickles View

Dry calamari 5.99

Half-sour pickles & tomatoes 4.49

Marinated oyster mushrooms 4.49

Draniki 3.49
Hash browns

Fresh salads

Salade Olivier 4.99
Potatoes, pickles, peas, eggs, carrots, onions & bologna, dressed with mayonnaise

Fresh vegetable salad 4.99

Vinaigrette 4.49
Potatoes, beets, carrots, pickles & other vegetables, dressed with oil

Mushroom salad 5.99

Flavorful soups

Borscht 4.99
Beet & cabbage soup, with
meat & vegetables, served with sour cream & toasted rye

Soup of the day 4.99

Kharcho 4.99
Meat, rice, vegetables in spicy
bouillon, served with toasted
rye bread

Irresistible entrees

Pelmeni 9.99
Dumplings with assorted fillings,
served with sour cream &
broccoli salad. Available fillings:
Chicken, Pork, Beef, Beef & Pork,

Vareniki 9.99
Pierogies with assorted fillings,
served with sour cream &
onions. Available fillings: Potato,
Potato & mushrooms, Potato &
cheese, Cabbage

Golubtsi 6.99
Ground meat with rice, wrapped in a cabbage leaf, served with sour cream View

Meat blintzes 4.99
Crepes, filled with ground chicken, served with sour cream View

Herring with homestyle potatoes 9.99

Sweet desserts

Napoleon 3.99
Layered puff pastry with cream filling View

Sweet blintzes 3.99
Crepes, with cream cheese & whipped cream filling View

Sweet vareniki 8.99
Pierogies with cottage cheese or cherry filling View

Ice cream in a waffle 1.99
Available flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel

Refreshing beverages

Kvas glass 1.99 pitcher 6.99
Fermented drink made from rye bread

Mineral water 2.99

Assorted soft drinks 1.99

Coffee 2.99

Evergreen Zavarka 3.99
Green & black Ceylon tea, with additions of organic chamomile, mint, hawthorn, oregano, thyme, lavender, lemon, currant, strawberry & wild rose

Premium hot tea 1.99

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