Banya 101 Let’s look at what a banya session can do for your skin
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Skin – Your Body's Armor

The skin protects you from nasty micro-organisms, evil little devils that dwell on the surface, waiting for any chance to infiltrate your body's defenses. If you're not getting enough exercise or find yourself constantly fatigued, it could be that your skin's ability to fight these micro-organisms has been diminished.

But there's good news. The intense heat and steam of the banya, along with the sweating it causes, helps remove and destroy those nasty bacteria and improves the skin's ability to defend your body from the little buggers. This results in faster healing of scratches and wounds, the easiest way for bacteria to enter the body.

The banya's heat opens pores and helps sweat glands work more efficiently. Regular banya sessions cleanse the skin of dead cells and cleans and open your pores. Clean pores increase the body's ability to naturally clean and defend itself.

Be cool

Expert banyaphiles know that heat has to be contrasted with cold to get the best benefit. That's why every proper banya needs the Cold Plunge. It might seem intimidating at first, "you want me to jump into what???", but the cold plunge is essential to getting the most of your banya experience. Following the sauna with a quick cold plunge will help your skin look fresh and improve elasticity (hear that ladies?).


The next thing the skin needs is a good venik (oak branches) lashing. A visit to any authentic Slavic banyas will be replete with veniks for you to maximize the many health benefits of the sauna. Don't be afraid, the voluntary torture is not nearly as brutal as it sounds … though it could be if you like :)

The lashing of the body with a venik improves blood flow and releases phytoncides which defeat pathogens and have a healing effect on the body. Your capillaries haven't ever had it so good as this. Stimulating venik massage is an essential part of the banya experience; make sure to grab a bundle next time you come. (More on making Venik your new best friend)

Of course, like any proper banya, Downtown Banya offers veniks. You can purchase them and soak it in the water for some time and use it on your self and your friends to  improve circulation, boost metabolism and suppress the growth of harmful pathogens ." Every Slavic knows that the venik is an essential part of the banya.

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