Banya 101 Have some fun learning about how the banya eliminates toxins and boosts the immune system
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Health benefits of banya

William Tooke, a British member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences at St. Petersburg, observed: "In general, the common Russian uses but few medicines; supplying their place in all cases by the sweating bath, a practice so universal among them, and which has so decided an influence on the whole physical state of the people..."

The concept of “health through water” is thousands of years old. Many cultures have found respite from the rigors of daily life in community bathing. Whenever people have sought relaxation and relief from pain and disease, they’ve gone to baths. In Russia the tradition is nearly sacred and the bath (banya) is the place to go for health and fellowship. Now Americans of all backgrounds can enjoy the live-giving benefit of the Russian bath at Downtown Banya.

Banya and Your Health

A banya is about health as much as relaxation. Below are a few facts about the benefits of using our sauna.

Simply put: the banya relaxes your entire body. Stress creates tension and manifests as aches and pains and reduced mental function. The heat and humidity of our sauna relaxes muscles and promotes the release of stress-caused tension. Your body will sigh in delight as your muscles unwind and pain subsides.

Weight loss
A good sauna session is similar to mild exercise – expect to burn as much as 300 calories with no effort at all. Regular sauna treatments combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise may help you maintain a healthy weight.

The banya increases blood circulation helping to detoxify the body, particularly in difficult areas like the teeth, bone and sinuses. The steam opens your pores and promotes cleansing for cleaner, healthier skin.

Improved immune system
The heat from the banya creates an artificial “fever” ramping up your immune system. Regular use of our sauna helps fight illness, particularly during the wet Northwest seasons.

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