Banya 101 The goofier the sauna hat, the healthier the banyaphile
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Banya without a hat is like apple pie without ice cream. Sauna hats help protect your precious noggin while in the banya and allow you to remain longer to maximize benefits. Hats also increase sweat production which cleanses pores and improves epidermal elasticity.

It’s well-known among Russians that the goofier the sauna hat, the healthier the banyaphile. What many here in America don’t know is that sauna hats made from wool are particularly beneficial because the fibers contain natural sheep-magic called lanolin. Lanolin has restorative abilities that soothe and strengthen your skin and improve the function of rejuvenating cells. All that good mojo right next to your brain will probably make you smarter, richer and better looking- but science hasn’t proved it yet.

Don’t have a hat? It’s cool, we’ve got you covered. Downtown Banya has a great selection of sauna hats and our staff are trained to assist with the simple installation procedure.

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