Banya 101 Get your sweat on
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Bath like a pro

Most people don't sweat enough, and that's a shame. Sweating eliminates toxins, regulates body temperature and helps keep our skin clean and elastic. It's no coincidence that we opened Downtown Banya in the cooler Pacific Northwest. Here, we are wet and  cold in the winter and without the sauna, we wouldn't sweat much at all.

More about sweat..... We use antiperspirants full of chemicals to prevent sweating, and we don't get nearly enough physical activity. Most of us spend hours at a desk working and then finish our evenings in front of the TV. The air we breathe is polluted with toxins and even our food creates metabolic byproducts that are difficult to eliminate.

Get your sweat on

Most of the people we know go to the banya for the camaraderie, the relaxing atmosphere and because afterwards, they sleep like babies.

But the people who get the most out of the banya know the secrets of sweating.

Unless you're lucky enough to grow up in Europe (or have family who did) you probably don't know the best way to get your sweat on.

Banya to the rescue!

Your goal when visiting any sauna should be to sweat as much as possible. Don't worry, it's not hard. Just bring some friends and we'll take care of everything else.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from an optimum banya session:

  • Release sodium from the bloodstream and improve blood pressure
  • Eliminate by-products of metabolism that cause headaches
  • Total relaxation from the release of lactic acid - the primary cause of muscle fatigue
  • 15 minutes in the banya releases as many toxins as the liver does in 24 hours!

Sweat is the best way to cool off, so when you're in the banya your body works overtime. The banya is kept at 80-100° Celsius (176-220°F) and 15-25% humidity - the best possible sweat conditions.

Get the most out of the banya

  1. Take a shower first, but don't use big amounts of soap.
  2. If you've been without food all day, must eat a small nutritious meal 30 min.(or earlier) prior of using Banya.
  3. Stay enough to start sweating good (about 2-4 mins), but don't stay longer than your body can handle. We advise no more than 5 minutes per session. Listen to your body. 
  4. Take a cold plunge between sauna sessions for maximum benefits and cooling.
  5. Drink water or tea in moderate amounts between sessions. Hydration is essential!
  6. Wear a sauna hat (or towel on your head). The head heats up quicker than the rest of the body and without a hat, you won't be able to stay as long as the rest of your body would like to.
  7. 4-6 sessions per visit is best. Make sure that you get plenty of rest time in between your stays in hot rooms.
  8. More friends = more fun!
  9. Always follow the safety rulles and enjoy your stay.

If you have any more questions about getting the most out of your visit, head over to our Facebook page and ask us a question.

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